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By: Gridcast  09-12-2011

We help clients build RFPs / RFQs.

Our easy to read documents provide the results you want. Gridcast’s network architects will help you with your RFP, while our project managers will help you design and plan your network or digital display project.

Gridcast works with all hardware and software systems, so we can work with your team or refer you to our partners. Either way, our team will build a network or digital display that meets your objectives.

Gridcast’s site survey team will figure out the best location for your display. We consider store layout, customer traffic flow and a decade of experience that tells us what works.

Our creative team brings your vision to life.

We brainstorm ideas with you to ensure we understand your creative direction, objectives and budget. Concept mock-ups help you make decisions and guide the direction of your project.

We invent creative ways for you to maximize your message.

Got existing content?

Gridcast creates dynamic content using the latest multi-media tools. We can energize your existing content by adding animation or special effects.

Interactive Elements

We love interactivity as much as your target market does, and often include dynamic elements like “gesture” (triggered by motion) in our displays. 

Content Distribution Templates

Gridcast designs and builds templates.

We can create groups for content distribution across different regions and languages. We’ll even design a system that allows for different levels of administrative access.

Loop Coordination

We’ve got loop times down to an art.

We build loop times that are proven to work in each network environment: point-of-wait, point-of-sale and point-of transit. 

We specialize in time-of-day messaging and will show you ways to add an interactive component. We’ll even coordinate your display with your web and social media efforts.

The Gridcast team includes savvy display network architects.

We’ll design a network that meets your marketing objectives and is based on your specifications.

We work with trusted hardware and software partners depending on the type of network or digital display you need. We know that one software solution doesn’t work in every situation. Our flexibility means that our recommendations are 100% based on your needs, expectations and budget. 

Our team can install a display in one location or thousands of locations throughout North America. 

For wide scale roll-outs, we provide up to date project plans so that you can monitor progress.

Experts in content management, we can upload content quickly and schedule it to play at various times or a future date.

Gridcast proactively monitors each screen on our network and has a proven up-rate of 98.5%.

Gridcast can make a bruised network more efficient. We’ll work with you to improve your system, content and messaging. A fully functioning network provides maximum results and better ROI.

Gridcast provides system training, call centre and field support.

We’ll provide you with a support plan depending on what you need. We include support options in all our contracts so that they’re no surprises when you start your project.

Gridcast offers measurement strategies with every project we work on. 

Whether it’s face recognition software, touch screen metrics or simply data mining from lead generation programs, we’ll create a program to evaluate the ROI of your network or campaign.