Kinects Solutions – Innovative, Easy To Install, Reliable, Safe and Cost effective

By: GRID20/20  09-12-2011
Keywords: Systems Integration, Transformers, Revenue Protection

KINECTS TRANSFORM© and KINECTS GRIDLINK© products are patent pending, developed with Utilities input, and incorporate state-of-the-art design, engineering, and manufacturing processes thereby ensuring high reliability, quality, and durability. 

Innovative, Easy To Install, Reliable, Safe and Cost effective Solutions for Utilities’ Smart Grid, Asset Management, Operations management, Grid Connectivity, and Revenue Protection

KINECTS TRANSFORM© products deliver on the Utilities’ need for a device having a flexible, compact design, with a safe, simple, and quick installation process.  KINECTS TRANSFORM© family of products provide the key enablers for making your transformers, Smart Transformers.

We believe and have designed our products so that they are capable of facilitating communications with accepted and emerging protocols for wireless, Internet and others. Kinects is engaged in technology and business relationships with key players in the AMI, communications, Systems Integration and Channels Distributions space and welcome all opportunities to explore mutually beneficial relationships.

KINECTS TRANSFORM© products allow Utilities to locate power outages, monitor the operating condition of the asset, and to obtain highly accurate consumption data, for billing reconciliation with installed Smart Meters.

The hourly data provided by the KINECTS TRANSFORM© products show: energy consumption, maximum and minimum voltages and currents, and operating temperature (a key sign of wear and tear or and capacity utilization). These new data sets are of such a granular nature that in one client pilot, a household light bulb registers when it was switched on.

TRANSFORM Features and Benefits

  • Integrated, high accuracy current sensors
  • Direct voltage connection and proximity internal temperature sensors
  • Metrology with protection circuitry
  • Fast data management with on board µ-processor
  • KINECTS GRIDLINK© PLC included for connectivity
  • Robust enclosure for safe and quick installation without the need to de-energize the transformer
  • Device commissioning and performance LEDs
  • Flexible design to fit in a range of kVA sizes
  • Weatherized for overhead transformer installation
  • Multi-sensors housing for non-standard installation
  • Optional advance measurements and features under development including: negative energy, events alert, power factor and harmonics
  • General purpose DTM for 3-phase transformers
  • Provision to integrate existing 3rd party AMI communication system such as wireless

KINECTS GRIDLINK© technology represents an industry breakthrough. This innovative, low-cost way of sending digital data through electrical power distribution lines, including distribution transformers, does not require the installation of expensive equipment in distribution sub-stations.

The Advantage

There are two key technological advances from Kinectrics that made this breakthrough functionality possible. The first is a special signal transmitter, which achieves high levels of energy efficiency when driving an ultra-low impedance load. Using a patented system with a resonant network and micro-controller, strong signals can be transmitted into the low impedance power line using a minimal amount of energy. The second technical achievement is in the receiver that uses a patented digital algorithm to decode data from the received signals. This enables a much higher signal-to-noise ratio, and also prevents interference from power line harmonics.

To date, KINECTS GRIDLINK© power-line communication has been successfully tested over a 30 km feeder line, with the possibility that even greater distances will be demonstrated in future.

Data Management

For KINECTS TRANSFORM© products and KINECTS GRIDLINK© smart meters, the Data Collector aggregate and uploads the field devices’ data to the head-end system.  The central server software processes, VEE, and produces information graphs for energy, voltage, current and temperature, as applicable to the field devices, which can be accessed through a web presentment interface.  Event alarms and alerts can be customized to provide Utilities with the required metrics for monitoring and decision making.  The transformer monitoring data can be exported and analyzed by other commercially available data management software such as Utilities CIS, GIS and distribution network monitoring systems.

The Power of Communication

Electrical Utilities can use KINECTS GRIDLINK© for:

  • Automated meter reading
  • Smart metering
  • Advanced meter infrastructure
  • Load control
  • Remote disconnect/reconnect
  • Power quality monitoring.

Keywords: Revenue Protection, Systems Integration, Transformers,

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