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By: GRID20/20  09-12-2011
Keywords: Customer Service, Asset Management, Distribution Transformers

With access to over 95 years of experience and expertise, through our parent company Kinectrics Inc., we are leveraging our relationship with them by tapping into the wealth of knowledge regarding equipment performance analytics and safety parameters and incorporating this knowledge into our solutions. The result is not just a plethora of confusing data but the intelligent analysis and interpretation of your data against established performance levels, which, provides decision makers with credible and timely information.

KINECTS UTILITYSUITE© is a comprehensive set of analytics and information presentment that enables Utilities to simply and intelligently address key areas of interest that effect the operations, risk management, customer service and revenue goals of your Utility.

KINECTS UTILITYSUITE© is a compilation of analytical and presentment utilities for Utilities. By Thinking, Like Utilities™ Kinects is continually developing and refining the tools for converting the abundance of data available through a Smart Grid deployment into useful and timely information.

KINECTS UTILITYSUITE© is comprised of the following solution sets:

By implementing KINECTS ASSETVIEW© Utilities are putting themselves in a position to provide greater power reliability, improved customer satisfaction levels and overall safety improvements for line crews and the public.

Asset Management

KINECTS TRANSFORM© products are the in-field eyes and ears of KINECTS ASSETVIEW© asset management solution for a Utility’s distribution transformer assets.  By providing data for voltage, current loading and proximity temperature readings as frequently as once-per-hour for your transformers, Utilities will have unprecedented access to their performance and status data which provides staff with a clear continuous view of the condition of your assets.  The awareness of possible equipment fault or failure conditions will significantly help Utilities to manage their predictive maintenance and replacement program to minimize the risk of catastrophic failures which may cause consumer liability and impact to Utility revenue.  Given the aging electricity infrastructure and the need for proper planning and implementation of system upgrades, North American Utilities, regulators, and government are keenly interested in improving their capability to make timely investment decisions.

Furthermore, the hourly data available from your smart transformer enabled distribution transformers for energy, voltage, current and other power quality parameters, including event alerts such as excessive temperature, provide the Utility’s operations staff with an unprecedented level of detail about the system’s performance and predictability. Using this data in conjunction with information from smart meters and other grid devices’ feedback, including substation information, will better enable Utilities to: identify opportunities to improve system losses, more accurately predict and respond to potential outage conditions and better plan for integration of distributed and renewable generations.

Knowing and viewing your grid from an electrical connectivity perspective provides operations with perpetually accurate information that’s necessary for efficient field operations and timely management decision support.

Grid Connectivity Mapping

As North American Utilities advances the deployment of smart meter, smart grid devices, distributed generation, renewable resources, and future PHEV in their electrical distribution system, the critical ongoing challenge will be to maintain an up-to-date and accurate electrical system connectivity model. There is greater expectation for a Smart Grid system to dynamically balance, manage, and heal itself in the event of disruption.  Without a current and accurate view of the feeder network down to the last mile at the consumer level, meeting this expectation will not be possible.  When KINECTS TRANSFORM© products and other devices are networked utilizing our power line communications protocol, KINECTS GRIDLINK©, the result is a near real-time electrical connectivity view of the distribution grid which will provide Utilities with a perpetually accurate resource for field operations staff and management decision support.

Utilities now have a cost effective total solution to provide absolute energy consumption reconciliation with KINECTS REVENUEGUARD©.

Revenue Protection

KINECTS TRANSFORM© products along with the feeder current meter can be deployed and used in conjunction with consumer conventional or smart meters data to detect and identify system non-technical losses, particularly energy diversion. KINECTS TRANSFORM© products have high measurement accuracy allowing Utilities to monitor, reconcile and be alerted when there are anomalies in the usage and/or load balance, suggesting theft or the unlawful use of electricity.  Utilities now have a cost effective total solution to provide absolute energy consumption reconciliation with KINECTS REVENUEGUARD©, and receive data bi-directionally over existing Utility distribution power line infrastructure without the need for expensive substation equipment to inject and receive signals.  A highly efficient coupler enables signals to be injected onto the feeder on the secondary (120/240V) through one transformer and received at the secondary of another transformer at a data collector or receiver.  The key innovation of KINECTS GRIDLINK© is the ability to send data through distribution transformers without the need for by-pass or coupling equipment.  A digital algorithm enables a high signal-to-noise ratio and prevents interference from power line harmonics.  The applications of KINECTS GRIDLINK© include smart metering, distribution transformer monitoring, grid connectivity, and load control.

Data Management

For KINECTS TRANSFORM© products and KINECTS GRIDLINK© smart meters, the Data Collector aggregate and uploads the field devices’ data to the head-end system.  The central server software processes, VEE, and produces information graphs for energy, voltage, current and temperature, as applicable to the field devices, which can be accessed through a web presentment interface.  Event alarms and alerts can be customized to provide Utilities with the required metrics for monitoring and decision making.  The transformer monitoring data can be exported and analyzed by other commercially available data management software such as Utilities CIS, GIS and distribution network monitoring systems.

Keywords: Asset Management, Customer Service, Distribution Transformers

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KINECTS TRANSFORM© and KINECTS GRIDLINK© products are patent pending, developed with Utilities input, and incorporate state-of-the-art design, engineering, and manufacturing processes thereby ensuring high reliability, quality, and durability.