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By: Greenwood International  09-12-2011
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  • Our lawyers are goal oriented and will directly communicate verbally with representatives of the commercial debtor in an effort to recover and collect on the debt prior to litigation. Lawyers who focus on our recovery methodology enjoy a superior success rate. In addition, our lawyers recover more money when successful. If litigation is required, through our methodology, our lawyers are able to build an assessment of the debtor's case and the recoverability of the debt prior to commencing litigation. As such, in litigation our attorneys maximize the recovery rate. In the alternative, litigation is not commenced in many cases in which our lawyers ascertain, through our methodology, that a collection will not be achieved. This may be as a result of the fortitude of the debtor's case or more often insufficient liquidity or pending insolvency of the commercial debtor.

    Although the focus of our business is debt recovery in Canada and USA, our reach is truly worldwide with our lawyers achieving successful results in Europe, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere. However, cases outside of North America differ greatly to those in North America where our lawyers can proceed to litigation with intransigent debtors if necessary and recover through litigation. As explained below, in most of our cases globally formal litigation is impractical for a host of reasons outlined below. Nevertheless, it is possible to recover on many cases through our lawyers' extra judicial methods and legal tactics outside of litigation. Part of our service is to inform the creditors as to what if anything can be achieved and prevent futile and expensive litigation. ()
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