INTERAL Maintenance (CMMS) and Inventory Management Software - interal comparative grid

By: Gmao  09-12-2011
Keywords: time management

Comparative Grid

Compare INTERAL's different versions using the grid below.

INTERAL Maintenance Enterprise Edition Standard Edition Hosting (Monthly)
General Features and User-friendliness
Rich & intuitive Windows interface
Drill-down through all of the application’s files
Multi-plant management  
Uses concurrent licences  
Unlimited number of users    
Integrated and « dynamic » lockout procedures  
Lockout procedures using file attachments
Use of barcodes to facilitate everyday tasks
User-definable list display
User defined fields  
Billing module (payables and receivables)  
Data export tool in CSV, TAB del. (Excel) and XML format  
Equipment and Information Structure
Equipment definition with detailed components and work tracking by component and sub-component  
Configuration of a component defining the equipment’s general characteristics  
Intuitive tree-view screen where the main features required for daily maintenance management are grouped
Graphical navigation allowing browsing and actions using images  
File attachments of all kinds throughout the system, in most cases allowing automatic printing of documents
Maintenance Management
Work requests with approval levels
Linked work orders and multiple assignments on a work order  
Detailed tracking of maintenance costs on multiple levels
Corrective, preventive (calendar and meter readings) maintenance
Conditional maintenance  
Simple and efficient work program for work assignment
Preconfigured assignment sequences of tasks  
Inspection/lubrication routes
Verification lists (work checklists)
Tools and Analysis Help
Statistic module to compare different items to help decision-making  
Dynamic user-configurable dashboard  
Data copying tool to accelerate system launch and update
System tools (search wizard, barcode printing, statistic indicators)  
Dynamic calendar with « drag & drop » feature for maintenance task planning
Advanced planning calendar based on resource availability  
Possibility of integrating inventory and procurement module
Possibility of integrating time management (punch clock) module    
Possibility of integrating production module    
Web module for work requests, work orders and service calls
Possibility of connecting to other systems for automated meter readings, data exchange, accounting systems, ERP’s, etc.  
Upgrade to INTERAL Enterprise    

Keywords: time management

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Access to INTERAL Maintenance, INTERAL Procurement and INTERAL Maintenance web pages. Installation of the software and the database on INTERAL servers. Accessible simply with your Internet browser. Convenient monthly fee based on hourly use. No software to install on your workstation. Administration of the system, including.


INTERAL Production Management Software

INTERAL Production offers a modular structure that evolves with the company, making it possible to choose the different modules that correspond to the company's short term needs, and, later on, to add other functions depending on the company's priorities.


INTERAL Time Management

INTERAL offers quick and efficient management by exceptions, which allows for a better control of time and attendance, and reduces the costs related to absenteeism. The data can be input using a computer or with data collectiong stations located strategically throughout the business. INTERAL Time and Attendance offers great flexibility for real-time data collection based on your needs.


INTERAL Maintenance (CMMS) and Inventory Management Software

For almost 20 years, INTERAL has focused on creating specialized software, implementing and producing data collection systems and elaborating efficient and user-friendly, and management solutions. We also wish to guide, provide tools for and support our customers in their computerization, planning and management strategies, on the production as well as maintenance standpoint.


INTERAL Maintenance Management Software Enterprise Asset

INTERAL Maintenance will give you the ability to plan your resources, adapt and react quickly to emergencies, and then come up with reliable numbers and statistics related to your maintenance operations. As you will see by exploring the different facets of INTERAL Maintenance, it contains all the necessary features you need to simplify maintenance planning for both short- and long-term.


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It is multi-store, multi-server (LAN, WAN) and allows you to manage requisitions, purchase orders, approval structures, minimum and maximum stocking and restocking quantities, suppliers and manufacturers as well as expense accounts by item purchased. INTERAL Procurement is a flexible, user-friendly and powerful management tool for inventory and purchases. INTERAL Procurement is compatible with and can be linked to most accounting systems.


INTERAL Services

Our experience leads us to believe that when a business implements a management solution, the people involved are as important as the product itself in making the purchase profitable. You deal with professionals who will know how to fulfill your needs and will make it their priority to transform your project into a success.