Global Source Trading

By: Global Source Trading  09-12-2011
Keywords: Logistics, supply chain

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Source of Qualified Leads
  • Search for suppliers that meet specifications
  • Meet & qualify suppliers or agents
Risk Management
  • Supplier background checks
  • Supplier facility inspection
  • Capacity and interruption-recovery capabilities
  • Sub-contractor risk analysis
Government Approvals
  • Government requirement assessment
  • Handling of certifications and certificates, such as PHC
  • Government approvals
Language Translation Services
  • Localization and internationalization of documents and certifications
  • On-site or remote translation for meetings, visits, instructions, and communications

International Legal Assistance
  • Legal jurisdiction representation
  • Legal documentation and preparation
Contract Negotiation
  • Contract screening
  • Price negotiation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Multi-supplier logistics
  • End-to-End logistics planning
  • Test and release inspections
  • Resolve issues or disputes during fulfillment
Supply Chain Management
  • Supply chain planning & analysis
  • Follow-up with suppliers
  • Ongoing representation for meetings, references, and other facilitation
  • Proactive issue or change resolution
  • Pre-contract preparations

Keywords: Logistics, supply chain