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By: Global Precious  09-12-2011
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    Investment flexibility is important. At Global Precious Metals we offer investors a sizable precious metals market. Through Global Precious Metals you can purchase gold, silver, platinum or palladium for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. If you desire financing, you can receive a loan for up to 80 percent of the value of your precious metals. If your purchase is financed, you can take personal delivery of your precious metals at any time without penalty by paying the balance of your loan. Of course you can also sell your precious metals back to Global Precious Metals at any time during our trading day. Gold: The past five years have seen the price of gold steadily rise to more than triple its 2003 low of $260USD/ounce, to well over $900USD/ounce. This is not by chance. There are many factors which have contributed to Gold’s rising price. Among the foremost of these are the falling US Dollar, higher oil prices, higher base metals prices, higher US national debt, falling interest rates and fears of world wide instability, namely North Korea and Iran. Silver: Silver has recently reached prices that have not been seen since 1980. The reasons for this great rise in price are many and varied. Many of the factors which caused Silver to rise to its all time high of $52/ounce in 1980 have been appearing again. It should be no surprise that the price has been rising for the past five years. From just over $4.00USD/ounce in 2003 the price more than quadrupled hitting highs of close to $17.00USD/ounce in 2008.

Risk Disclaimer:
The Client acknowledges that each transaction is a spot metals transaction and not a futures contract. The Client has the intent, but not the obligation to take delivery of the precious metals. The Client chooses whether to pay in full or to finance the purchase, but must pay in full before being entitled to take delivery of the precious metals. Please be advised that as with all speculative investments, purchasing precious metals involves a risk of loss that should be carefully evaluated prior to investing any funds. All documents and risk disclosures should be carefully reviewed prior to opening an account with Global Precious Metals a division of Earle Capital Corporation.

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