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By: Global Intelligence Alliance  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rapid Response Research

F lexible, responsive and reliable
Tap into GIA's world-class research capabilities and expertise in more than 100 countries, and , and access highly-targeted and strategic very rapidly.

Fast delivery of results through an optimized delivery process
GIA has a proven record of swiftly mobilizing its resources and delivering results within days, no matter what intelligence challenges our clients face. Even complex and large Rapid Response assignments can be completed in three days. Such mission-critical assignments typically make use of our professional databases and primary research capabilities around the world where multiple analysts can be assigned to work in parallel.

Extensive portfolio of information sources
For primary information, the GIA Network includes over 1,000 validated contacts to local and industry experts around the world, especially in the emerging markets of Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. For secondary information, we can access virtually every business database or publication available, including tens of thousands of news sources.

Supported by a team that understands your business
Highly skilled and experienced analysts provide customized research based on your individual needs.

Shared commitment to excellence

GIA's Research and Analysis Quality System is a set of shared global standards and practices that ensures uniformly high quality research and analysis as well as legal and ethical standards worldwide, even in complex multi-country projects.

We can help you rapidly:

  • Find answers to specific questions

  • Screen market players

  • Profile companies, markets and products

  • List out sales leads

  • Analyze your competitive landscape

  • Review language on documents

GIA Rapid Response Research is customized to your specific need, and supported by a team that understands your business 
  • Skilled and experienced analysts
  • Customized research approach based on individual needs
  • World-class secondary research capability
  • Primary research capability in more than 100 countries
  • Fast delivery of results through an optimized delivery process

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Keywords: Rapid Response Research