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By: Glamorin  09-12-2011

It is said that the white color of Tridacna is purest in the world. Tridacna is one of the seven treasure of Buddha. The seven treasure are gold, silver, amber, coral, liuli, tridacna and agate. Tridacna is the rarest and the least known gem among the seven treasure since it comes from the deep Indian Ocean and the West Pacific Ocean, or a bit from mountain-building activies; so that the yield is small and it therefore becomes very precious.

Tridacna can enhance physical and mental reconcilation, inspire wisdom, and remove annoyance.

Tridacna brings the wearer a magic power such as immunity strenthening, anti-aging, heart rhythm stabling, and insomnia improvement. Tridacna also has very high medicinal value; it helps cool blood, lower blood pressure and soothe stress. It is especially efficacious for sore throat and blisters.

Tridacna protects one's health and is conducive to longevity. Tibetan and Buddhist consider it the miraculous treasure to exorcise devils.

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