Distance (Depth) Meaurement Sensors [One Dimension

By: Gesturesense  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain, Distance Measurement, Measurement Sensors

FASTER, BETTER, CHEAPER, COMPATIBLE.  Exceptional performance in an industry standard package (and can be available in a significantly smaller footprint), the GestureSense distance measurement sensors are designed for the engineering and supply chain professionals who need to improve their devices' sensor functional performance and cost performance.  Now.

Our sensors are designed to fit in your current designs now.  Simple.  And when you're ready for advanced performance, with continuous digital signal and improved precision and range, for new interactions, check our our 2D and 3D sensors, attracting industry attention and buzz, and contact us to discuss options -- we may just knock your socks off.

FASTER: Based on our patented method, the GestureSense sensors are 4X to up to 20X faster as tested in various applications against the leading distance measuring sensor.

UP To The EDGE:  Measure proximity from arms' length right down to the surface of the sensor, at "zero distance range", thanks to our unique method of positioning and measurement.

CONTINUOUS or BINARY: Measure distances as continuous digital (which can mimic analog measurement sensors but without the extra Analog-Digital conversion), or binary digital (presence detection at threshold).

IMMUNITY TO AMBIENT LIGHT:  With our unique coding, signal has noticeably very high tolerance to ambient noise from sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent or other light sources.  This means you can use this in outdoor applications, or near windows.

MATCHES or BETTERS any competing distance measurement sensor: tell us your requirement, we'll show you how the GestureSense Z sensor can match exactly (for a direct swap in your Bill of Material and Approved Vendor Lists), or can provide better performance in the same footprint (no boardspin required), or when you are at the right time in your design cycle, can be SMALLER and/or FUNCTIONALLY BETTER and/or CHEAPER, just tell us what you need.

If you are or have been using the Sharp Microelectronics GP2Y or GP2D distance measuring sensors, you really need to get ours.  FASTER, BETTER, CHEAPER.

Keywords: Distance Measurement, Distance Measurement Sensors, Measurement Sensors, supply chain,

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