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By: Geotime  09-12-2011

With the ever expanding use of sensors for security monitoring, the need for effective and timely analysis has become a top priority for organizations that collect and  analyze this data. With a wide variety of data types, formats and quality levels, it is critical to be able to quickly and effectively aggregate, visualize, analyze and react to the data coming from these sources.

In this scenario, data from several security sensors located at the perimeter of a military installation is analyzed to detect and isolate patterns within the base’s security patrols. A potential security breach is spotted quickly when the data is visualized in GeoTime’s 3D Time Viewer.

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GeoTime - Geo-Temporal Information Visualization - What s New in GeoTime

With an emphasis on visual presentations, GeoTime 5.2 introduces new ways to visualize events over time, including the ability to run statistical functions on numerical attributes within your data. The new recording feature allows users to easily record animated movement, present visual statistics or walk through a report interactively. Selected events can also be split from an existing entity to create a new entity from that selection.


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Known for its 3D Time Viewer, GeoTime’s unique ability to simultaneously visualize geospatial, temporal and link data allows users to see activities and events unfold over time. GeoTime’s patented approach to displaying events over time allows for quick and clear comprehension of movements, communications patterns and links between individuals.


GeoTime - Geo-Temporal Information Visualization - Features Benefits

Data visualization and analysis tools that were effective in handling simple tasks, such as generating charts and maps, are now being pushed beyond their capabilities and struggle to handle the increasingly complex data that is being captured today.