GHCI - Diploma Requirements

By: George Harvey Collegiate  09-12-2011

A total of 30 credits are required, 18 Compulsory and 12 Optional

Compulsory Credits total of 18)

    4 English, one per grade
    1 French as a second language
    3 mathematics, at least one in grade 11 or 12
    2 science
    1 Canadian geography
    1 Canadian history
    1 arts (dance, drama, music, visual arts)
    1 health and physical educataion
    0.5 civics
    0.5 career studies
    1 of: an additional english credit
     or a third language credit
     or a social sciences and the humanities credit
     or an additional canadian and world studies credit
    1 of: a business studies credit
     or an additional health and physical education credit
     or an additional arts credit
    1 of: a Grade 11 or 12 science credit
     or a technological education credit

Optional Creditstotal of 12)

    Optional credits may be earned in all subjects, including those named in the compulsory credit list, provided that they are in addition to the compulsory credits. Optional credits allow for concentration in a specialized area of the curriculum.

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