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By: Geocortex  09-12-2011
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Project-Based Services

We're now a software company, but we started as a services company. In reality, our professional services team never really went away. Although Geocortex greatly reduces development effort, some professional services work may be needed to tailor and more deeply integrate applications within your organization. Many licensees do everything in-house, while others choose to engage with us or one of our implementation partners to assist. We've also had good success with a client's preferred services vendor coming up to speed with our technology quickly, and we're very supportive of this approach.

We're here to help. From business analysis to expert programmers, we offer services that can help you manage risk and fast-track deployment of world-class web-mapping systems. We've built our reputation as an organization that you can trust, delivers results, and is easy to do business with. Our overarching goal is to deliver the short-term results you need, without compromising on design choices that reflect the best possible long-term strategy.

Business Analysis

With hundreds of web mapping applications under our belt, we've figured out that while there are many repeatable patterns that help deliver exceptional results, every customer's situation is unique. Whether your goal is to achieve a handful of key requirements or maximize the possibilities of the latest technology, we'll work with you to help you find the best way to create a realistic, pragmatic plan to deliver the goods to your organization.


Whether you're looking for basic or exceptional, we can help take your lines and features to the next level. Web-based map design has a subtle but profound impact on the effectiveness of your web-based mapping applications. Through smart design decisions, good cartography can greatly enhance the functionality and appearance of application.

Sometimes, dramatic improvements are possible with minor investment. However, cartographers often seem to get carried away with obsessing about finicky details and we're no exception; often little decisions can make a big difference. While we honor that mindset, we also take pride in being highly-pragmatic; we work within your budget.

Custom Development

While our guiding star is to eliminate custom development wherever possible, building custom functionality and/or tailoring the platform to meet the specific requirements of your organization is still often part of the process.

We have an excellent team of professional services developers dedicated to client projects. And because heavily customized applications trapped in time go against everything we stand for, these folks work closely with our products team to ensure close alignment of their work with the direction of the platform.

Update/Migration Services

As technology evolves, from time-to-time you need to update/upgrade/migrate your Esri web-GIS platform's hardware and software. Our team can perform the required work directly or help be available to advise and assist.

Project Management

Our project managers will work closely with you to tie all of the project pieces together to ensure successful outcomes -- from helping you to establish a project plan to the project's successful completion. Our proven track record is based on a solid methodology of choosing the appropriate steps for each phase of a project, with strong project management throughout.

ArcGIS Server Hosting

We have been hosting ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS applications for over ten years.

We recognize that setting up a full-fledged ArcGIS Server environment is not an inexpensive proposition. There are serious hardware, software and bandwidth requirements to be addressed. These costs can add up quickly, not to mention the costs associated with ongoing maintenance.

Not only do we have the infrastructure in place that can handle any sized site you require, we are extremely flexible in accommodating a wide variety of implementation options cost-effectively. From turnkey solutions to more complex environments which require geodatabase replication, custom application development and map cache management, you can expect the highest standards of service.

Complete Site Hosting

We are a licensed Application Service Provider for Esri's ArcGIS Server. All aspects of deployment are completely managed and included - all at a reasonable price. Hosting clients are not required to license any software or purchase any hardware. All aspects of deployment are completely managed and included. We've been at this for a very long time; our first hosted site rolled out August 9, 2000, so you can be assured a reliable and smooth transition to hosting services.

Managed Co-location Hosting

With Managed Server Co-location, your ArcGIS software and hardware instance is deployed from the Latitude Geographics Data Center and is managed by our experienced team. Outsourcing your ArcGIS Server deployment to Latitude Geographics is an extremely cost-effective way to deploy your web-based GIS, while ensuring maximum security, performance and uptime. We can put you in touch with long-term customers that figured out years ago that outsourcing web-GIS infrastructure deployment is one of the most cost-effective and hassle-free paths to success!

Education and Training

We understand that many of our clients seek knowledge and techniques to create and maintain high-quality applications themselves. Our training team will work with you to make sure that you have the skills you need to use Geocortex software successfully.

Throughout the training classes, we will listen to your challenges and provide solutions that work for your organization. We have several different education methods available to suit your schedule and budget.

On-site Training

Have one of our experienced trainers conduct two to five days of on-site training and implementation support. They can run group training sessions or sit next to you and provide insight into creating and configuring your applications.

Regional Training

Web-Based Training

For customers who want more flexibility with their training, we offer web-based training. These sessions are typically bought in blocks of 8 or 24 hours and then used in a series of 2-hour one-on-one meetings with an experienced trainer. Our trainers help our customers succeed by walking through the client's own site set up and configuration, which will give our clients a greater understanding of the our software and how to make it work for them.

Product Support and Maintenance Services

Latitude Geographics is committed to providing its customers with GIS solutions that feature innovative technologies which increase productivity and provide unparalleled performance.

Critical to delivering on this commitment is helping our clients achieve the most benefit from Geocortex software. We know that success means not only developing excellent software for our customers, but also providing the services and resources necessary for our customers to support and maintain their investment in Geocortex software. This means being flexible and adaptable with our product and service offerings in recognizing organizations will have different expectations and needs. Ensuring our systems remain useful and will continue to provide excellent value over time is what Geocortex support and maintenance services are all about.



A subscription to our product maintenance services ensures that you have access to the latest product release, including new functional and technical capabilities that allow your applications to evolve over time. Staying subscribed is the most cost-effective way to get the latest advances, product updates and bug fixes. Increase your effectiveness and efficiency by using new product features delivered through our aggressive release scheduled. We protect your investment in Geocortex software by ensuring that we stay very closely aligned with Esri's product roadmap, thus minimizing the potential for technological redundancy.

Keywords: Professional Services, Web-based Mapping