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By: Genevive Trickey  09-12-2011
Keywords: Heilkunst

The sequential process is ideal prevention or a highly effective way of treating your acute and chronic diseases. Finally, some relief from your chronic heartburn and a chance to avoid antibiotics for your child’s ear infection. Phew! Those who reap the most from Heilkunst are self-aware, understanding value of prevention and health. They are committed to effecting lasting change, not necessarily looking for a ‘quick-fix’. Initial consultation
This intake lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. You will be asked detailed questions about your current concerns and symptoms, history, diet and lifestyle. Follow-up consultations
These are most effective on a monthly basis and last up to 1 hour. Single consultations
Book a single consultation if you are looking for some nutritional guidance, or remedies for a specific ailment without participating in the sequential process. Again, these consultations last up to 1 hour. Acute consultations
Similar to the single consultations, these are quick office visits (15-20 min) for acute ailments such as a cold or support remedies for an upcoming surgery. Homeopathic remedies can work wonders in speeding recovery time or alleviating side-effects from chemotherapy and other medications.

Keywords: Heilkunst

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