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By: Geminare  09-12-2011
Keywords: data protection, Cloud Storage

Find the needle in your digital haystack

Searching for, and quickly retrieving archived data can be a difficult, if not impossible task. And even if you do manage to find what you're looking for, how can you be assured that it is an exact, un-altered copy of the original? These issues are becoming increasingly important as electronic storage, archiving and data retrieval needs expand. Is your company prepared to present valid historic eDiscovery material should you be involved in a litigation, or are you going to spend months searching for all the necessary archived material while your business grinds to a halt? We can help you find your specific data in a matter of seconds AND provide proof of authenticity. What could be easier?

The Next-Generation Cloud Storage,

Indexing and Archiving Engine

Geminare's Cloud Storage Assurance is the industry's first backup and archiving solution that affords its users the ability to store their data on virtually any public or private cloud storage platform. CSA 2.0 delivers fast and easy access to stored data, and provides companies with a unique audit trail for each individual file, confirming complete document assurance and data integrity. This low-cost, cloud-based, secure data backup and recovery solution provides total data protection, eliminating the risks and restrictions often associated with vendor lock-in.


V ie w  your arch i ved data

Run on Public or Private Cloud Platforms

CSA 2.0 is available as a stand-alone managed service, or as an add-on to Geminare's Cloud Recovery service, and can run on private or public cloud platforms.

Integrated search and auditing tools are ideal for addressing the typically arduous and time-consuming document management tasks of retrieving data and proving its authenticity, such as occurs during eDiscovery or proof of adherence to industry or government regulations. CSA 2.0 easily meets the strictest compliance standards while protecting customer data from accidental deletions, modifications or corruption.

Total data protection is an essential component of a proactive data & document management strategy.

Benefits & Business Drivers

Cloud Platform Accessibility & Flexibility: CSA 2.0 runs on today’s major cloud storage infrastructures enabling out-of-the-box integration with trusted vendors, allowing you to control where your data resides. CSA 2.0’s platform versatility means that you have the option of using private or internal clouds, and the ability to move archived data from one cloud to another seamlessly.

Data Integrity and Authentication: Peace of Mind With Automated Archiving with Version Control: Specialized Search Functions:

Productivity increases when information is easier to find. With CSA 2.0’s user-level controls, high-speed nested searches and dynamic tag clouds, your users can have a customized search engine interface specific to their data retrieval needs. This robust and leading-edge technology, incorporated into an extremely fast and dynamic search engine, means businesses spend substantially less time searching for data.

Integration and Expandability: CSA 2.0 provides a REST-based open API architecture that offers customers, partners and developers the ability to write custom query integrations directly into document management applications such as eDiscovery and compliance auditing tools.


  • Flexible Cloud Platform Support
  • Complete Data Protection, Data Integrity and Authentication Assurance with Unique Key Identifiers
  • Download Audit Trail with Unique Session ID and CSA 2.0 Receipt
  • Automated Archiving
  • High-speed Intelligent Search Functionality with Dynamic Tag Clouds, Predictive Searching and Nested Search Capabilities
  • REST-based Open API Architecture for integration with external applications
  • No Capital Investment Required
  • Rapid Deployment in Hours
  • Support for most popular file formats
  • Built-in Security Controls for Data Retrieval

Keywords: Cloud Storage, data protection

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