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By: Gawleo Canada  09-12-2011

Travelport technologies are designed to provide extraordinary travel experiences for your customers, whilst enabling you to distribute, shop, book or purchase travel in the most efficient electronic manner – anywhere in the world. Our mission is to be the world’s leading provider of informed travel choice. This means providing the most and the richest content available, but it also means giving you the tools to distribute or access that content in advanced, innovative ways. It means solutions with little or no learning curve, greater booking efficiencies, solutions that lower your operating costs and increase your revenues, and of course it means Web-based tools that give you and your customers around-the-clock access to distribution, planning and management.

Explore our wide world of technologies for your business type below:

Operate your business and serve travellers with the very latest fares, pricing and travel distribution tools:

Get fast, reliable and accurate fares and pricing capabilities, along with solutions that help you make better travel planning and management decisions:

Operate your Web site and serve your discriminating online customers with renowned industry first technologies for fares, pricing and distribution:

Take advantage of our acclaimed suite of airline industry first technologies to create a strong competitive edge:

Interface easily and efficiently with your GDS via the Internet, using XML technology with OpenTravel Alliance (OTA)-based specifications:

Use the power and flexibility of Travelport's universal XML developer language tool.

Interface easily and efficiently with your GDS via the Internet, using XML technology with OpenTravel Alliance (OTA)-based specifications:

At the Travelport Data Center in Denver, Colorado, get the experience and reliability you need along with the peace of mind you want.

Other products and services from Gawleo Canada

09-12-2011 - Advertising

Whether your goal is to create product and service awareness, build brand image, promote a marketing campaign, reach a new targeted consumer base or educate travel agents, corporate travel buyers and consumers of travel – Travelport can effectively communicate your message through your choice of proven, cost-effective advertising tools.

09-12-2011 - productivity

We have the solutions you need to achieve maximum productivity, speed and efficiency in every business channel, whilst maintaining superior accuracy and integrity of travel data. We’ve been helping travel organisations and corporations become more productive and efficient in planning and managing travel – and we’re just getting started.

09-12-2011 - distribution

These sales come from travel agencies around the globe, as well as corporate customers – who often represent higher yield bookings that can help you gain sustained profitability. Our industry-leading solutions for travel distribution, shopping, pricing, booking, ticketing and transaction processing support a global network of travel companies.

09-12-2011 - Travelport Business Intelligence

Travelport Airline IT Solutions™ is an industry leader in providing a range of Web-based data intelligence solutions and services for airlines, airports, travel agencies and travel-related companies. Our solutions focus on market planning, competitive analysis, sales intelligence and network planning.