Waypoint(TM) Open Source for Telecom OSS

Waypoint(TM) Open Source for Telecom OSS from Gatif inc

By: Gatif inc  06-10-2010
Keywords: Telecommunications, Network Design , service management

The integrated planning, design and inventory software - a management tool for complete modeling of your network assets. Unique in its class, Waypoint™ is an easy to use, feature-rich, Windows-based software tool for network planning, design and inventory management.

Waypoint™ is a network design, planning and inventory management tool.

Waypoint™ helps its users plan changes to existing networks, keep a detailed inventory of network assets, and produce reports about their network.

Waypoint™’s user interfaces are based on Windows™. The interfaces provide users with a graphically rich view of network data stored in a relational database management system (RDBMS) such as Microsoft Access™ (for demonstration purposes only), or Oracle™.

All information in the Waypoint™ database can be made open and accessible to other applications, as required. Waypoint™ achieves this adaptability by using Component Object Model™ (COM) technology as a development tool.

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