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By: Garrison Hill Capital Management  09-12-2011

Fund Information

Garrison Hill Macro Opportunities LP

Investment Philosophy & Risk/Return Objectives

Garrison Hill is dedicated to preservation of investor capital and a goal of providing investors with absolute returns of 10-15% with limited leverage and volatility, regardless of the investment environment.

Investment Strategy

The Fund is a fundamental macro fund and has a fundamental top down approach to investment with the flexibility to hold long or short positions in numerous asset classes including; currencies, fixed income, equities and commodities.

The Fund typically has a minimum of 50% of its portfolio in Canadian themes such as Canadian dollar and interest rate positions. 50% of the portfolio is held in traditional global macro investment positions.

Investment Suitability

The Fund was established in March 2007, prior to the current ‘credit crisis’. During this time, the Fund has exhibited non-correlated performance relative to the global equity markets with positive returns and low-volatility.

Adding non-correlated ‘alternative’ investment products to a traditional equity, bond and cash portfolio can increase an investor's returns while also decreasing the overall risk of the portfolio.

The Fund is appropriate as a portion of a well diversified investment portfolio.

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