Real Made in Italy Sofa's and Sectionals.

Real Made in Italy Sofa's and Sectionals. from Furniture Toronto  |

By: Furniture Toronto |  10-10-2010
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 LEATHER Real leather is the quality marker of any sofa: material that breathes, elastic and highly resistant, a pleasure to see, touch and feel. Incanto ensures that only the finest leather are selected in three variants: Natural Leathers ? They are dyed in wooden casks, in which they are submerged until they have taken on the desired color. This process keeps all the natural properties of leather intact. Luxury Leathers ? Hand treated without altering the original properties ensures that each skin keeps the leather?s natural marks intact. The only finishing touch is the use of a small quantity of transparent pigment, which protects the leather without covering up its natural features. Family Leathers - despite being pigmented products, stand out in the market because they are made with exclusive production processes which apply fine particles of pigment to their surface or use of special oils, waxes and resins. These processes provide the product with special tonal effects which give it a natural transparency and make it similar in all respects to more prized leathers, because of the exclusive production processes and the oils, waxes, resins and fine pigment particles applied. A good sofa must have a solid and well-built frame. The frame?s shape and solidity are the fundamental elements that allow the sofa to have its own style and maintain its high quality for the rest of its life. Padding is also a key element in determining the level of comfort. The foams vary in density so as to obtain different degrees of softness to suit all tastes. Even the shape of the sofa is influenced by the padding. Goose feathers are added to the foams to make the cushions softer.

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