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FREE MY INTERIOR design services can actually save you money. We know the places to shop, how to put together a cohesive look, and how to avoid costly mistakes on purchases you don’t need or that don’t work. And, the more rooms in your project—the lower the per-room price.

Full Project – Starting at $400 per room – This can be anything from furnishing a bedroom to planning and managing a kitchen renovation. This is the option for clients who want the total transformation. Our process is very collaborative as our goal is to REfine and not DEfine your style. As well, our ability to do painting, re-finishing, small upholstery etc. means big savings for you.

Project Plan – $250 per roomIf you’re someone who is handy or you want to do the shopping and installation yourself then our Project Plan is perfect for you. Y ou will recieve a sample board with floorplans and samples of all suggested finishes (flooring, countertops, wood finish samples, paint colours, fabrics, accent colours etc). 

In-Home Colour Consultation – $250 – A room-by-room colour analysis with an interior designer and a detailed colour report with actual colour chips. In addition to choosing paint colours and finishes we will also estimate paint quantities and assist with choosing an appropriate brand/quality according to your needs.

In-Store Colour Consultation – $100 – A quick trip down to our Design Shop with some pictures of your space is all it takes to get that second opinion that you’ve been looking for…and, hey, there’s a Benjamin Moore just a couple of doors down. How convenient.

Use What You’ve Got – Starting at $200 per room – Make a big change with little investment. We take items that you already own and remove or re-arrange them. We can also turn your unwanted items into cash by helping you sell them.

Home Staging - Starting at $250 per room - We know that first impressions are the key to selling your home. Staging will increase the value of your home and decrease its time on the market. If you’re planning on selling your home let us help you make that first impression. Home Staging can include any or all of the following: Space Planning, Colour Consultation, Organization, and Personal Shopping.

Home Staging Plan – Starting at $500 - For the client who wants to do the work themselves but just needs guidance our home staging plan includes: An in-depth, in-home consultation, a detailed plan outlining recommendations and priorities, detailed instructions for execution: floor plans, colour selections, samples of furnishings, and store suggestions.

Personal Shopping – $100 per hour (2 hour minimum) – Need help figuring out where to go? Overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there? This is a great option if you need help selecting the finishes on your new construction home or condo or just want a second opinion while shopping.

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Keywords: Colour Consultation, Home Staging, Interior Design