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By: Forever Healthy Water  10-10-2012
Keywords: alkaline water, water purification systems, Healthy Water

Triple Purified, Energized, Restructured, Living, Alkaline Water Triple Purified: 1. Reverse Osmosis Filter - Removes up to 95 or 99.9%, depending on the type of undesirable water contaminants, 2. Deionization #1 Filter - Removes 90% of the up to 5% remaining contaminants left after the Reverse Osmosis membrane, the first Purification Filter and 3. Deionization #2 Filter - Removes 90% of the of the remaining contaminants from the first two Purification Filters. Result = 99-100% pure clean living water! Energized: Energy is created from a series of processes: 1. Magnetization, 2. Far Infrared Technology, and 3. Enhanced Flow Properties, mimicking how water circulates in Nature, weaving in and out of rocks in a stream, in a S-pattern, always moving. Restructured: When water is exposed to magnetic fields, the molecules: 1. Reduce in size, and also 2. Aligned to assume a Hexagonal Structure (a more stable water molecule). All the steps in the Vita Tech filter, including the magnets, are adding properties back to the water. Living: 1. Approximately 10ppm total of vegan pure Calcium and Magnesium added after Purification. 2. Magnetization. 3. Far Infrared Energy. 4. Homeopathically imprinting the energy of 82 minerals back into the pure clean water. Alkaline: 8pH is the average, as minerals are added back into the water naturally, not by electrical energy. The pH varies, depending on the acidity of the source water.

Keywords: alkaline water, Healthy Water, water purification systems