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By: Forecs  09-12-2011

Collaborative Practice is focused on helping families going through the separation/divorce process resolve their issues by using the following principles:

  • The couple agrees to resolve their issues outside of a courtroom.
  • A participation agreement is signed agreeing to the above. It is a contract signed by both clients and both lawyers, agreeing among other terms, not to go to court. In some jurisdictions, other professionals that are brought into help, such as the family coach and financial expert, sign the agreement as well.
  • Settlement meetings with all parties (i.e. both clients, both lawyers, and if need be other professionals) are arranged and designed to achieve the best possible result and are at the core of the Collaborative process.
  • Meetings are controlled by the clients with their professionals by their side to ensure that negotiations are respectful, practical and imaginative.
  • Problems are solved constructively. The lawyers, family and financial professionals are trained to manage conflict.
  • Bargaining must be done in good faith.
  • Full disclosure of all relevant information including financial information is obtained.
  • The parties agree to parenting solutions that promote the best interests of the children.
  • If settlement cannot be achieved and the parties want to go to court, the lawyers, financial and family professionals must withdraw all services.

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