Property Division

By: Fine & Associates Professional Corporation  18-03-2015
Keywords: Property Division, spousal support

Marital Property Division

During a divorce or marital separation, you must take legal steps to protect your property and assets. This often involves complicated issues or legal proceedings that necessitate the help of an experienced lawyer. At Fine & Associates Professional Corporation, we excel at helping families dealing with property division issues arising from their separation and we have extensive experience fighting for our clients’ best interests when they are undergoing a difficult divorce or separation.

Marital Property Division Complications

Property division can be difficult to determine. Some people think that it is just an easy 50/50 division. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. In order to determine a division of property, it is necessary to calculate the value of what is called your “Net Family Property.” Once your Net Family Property is determined, you and your spouse can divide the difference. The divorce law lawyers at Fine & Associates Professional Corporation have extensive knowledge and experience using the Ontario Family Law Act in determining each spouse’s Net Family Property and we will ensure that your assets are protected from your spouse during your complicated divorce.

What Is Included in a Net Family Property Calculation?

Your family’s net worth is determined by a complicated formula that calculates you and your spouse’s net worth (including all assets and liabilities as of the date of marriage and the date of separation). Since equitable distribution (the division arising out of the determination of your Net Family Properties) involves complicated processes and formulas, it is best to contact a qualified divorce lawyer to help you protect your property during a messy and complicated divorce or separation.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Family Law Lawyers

At Fine & Associates Professional Corporation, we understand that property division can be both legally complex and emotionally charged. Let our experienced family law lawyers help you through this difficult time in your life by fighting for your best interests. Contact us today to speak with Lorne Fine, a divorce lawyer who will fight aggressively for equitable distribution of your family’s assets.

Keywords: Property Division, spousal support

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