By: Federal Publications  09-12-2011
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Federal Publications Inc. takes orders for subscriptions to titles published by Canadian Government Publishing, Statistics Canada, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). We deal with the publisher so you don't have to. The price is the same as if you placed the subscription directly with the publisher. Subscriptions are for a one-year period, with new releases shipped directly to you from the publisher to avoid unnecessary delay. Why should you let us manage your subscription?

  • Friendly, personalized customer service
  • Hassle-free claims
  • Prompt and accurate processing of customer orders and changes
  • Accurate record-keeping
  • Timely renewals
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.

Last modified: April 19, 2011

Keywords: Canadian Government, publisher

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Notification of New Releases

Upon request, we can notify you each time the publisher has issued a new edition. Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital - OECD. OECD Economic Surveys: Various Countries.


Standing Orders for Government of Canada publications

It differs from a subscription in that you do not prepay for a fixed period of service or number of issues. Updates are shipped directly to you, and then billed to your credit card. You agree to pay for any new material sent to you.