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By: Fair Severance Pay  09-12-2011


Upon contact we provide an objective confidential assessment of your situation. By collecting key information from you we are able to highlight the merit of your case and determin potential strategies to maximize your pay out.


Upon retaining our services we verify all minimum legal entitlements and identify where there are shortcomings. From there we review your particular circumstances and establish what other entitlements can be pursued. We have developed a comprehensive check list to ensure we uncover every possible opportunity to maximize your final pay out.


We review all documents that have been provided to you including your termination letter and any release documents that may have been presented. If there are any urgent and timely issues to be addressed we provide guidance for you to act on these.

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Labour Lawyer Services Vs. Fair Severance Pay | Severance Pay Ontario, Alberta, Canada

Based on the outcome of the settlement our fee is a small percentage of anything awarded to you above any initial offering from your employer. This puts them on the defense and shuts down your opportunities to negotiate in real time and reach a prompt and fair settlement. There is no risk of you ending up with a large bill at the end without a settlement. Start with a deposit that is a fraction of a typical retainer fee from a lawyer.


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Everyone is ready to exhale when the final settlement is agreed upon, however, conditions in a release document can have a dramatic and negative impact on the offering. We strive to minimize your hardship and take pride in providing a lower cost alternative that achieves maximum results in a very aggressive time frame. We get things on track within days and can generally achieve the finalized settlement agreement shortly afterwards.


Increase your Severance Pay | Severance Pay Ontario, Alberta, Canada

We work based on performance and this ensures that we always maintain a vested interest in getting you the highest payout as quickly and easily as possible. With Our 80%+ Success rate, we go to bat for you and put ourselves on the line every time. The settlement payout goes directly to you, so there is no delay in receiving you payment. You are guaranteed to receive 5x more than you will ever pay.


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By you presenting this letter directly you maintain the relationship with your employer in a non-threatening way and this also creates an environment for negotiation. In plain language we include references as relevant around Human Rights, Employment Standards Act, Common Law as well as anything specific to your circumstances. Federally regulated employees are addressed under the Canada Labour Code where Human Rights and Common Law would apply.