By: Facta Vera  09-12-2011

Services Overview

Client Services
Enabling you to install your solution and realize ROI quickly is our top priority at Facta Vera. To help you get the most out of your Facta Vera application, we offer a variety of installation services as well as ongoing support and training options. Facta Vera provides comprehensive services through our Client Services team.

Client Support
Providing world-class customer support on which your business can consistently depend is our goal. To that end, our customer support, is the engineering force behind each installation, so that our support personnel are intimately knowledgeable of your process setup and issues can be quickly resolved.

Facta Vera is committed to ensuring successful adoption of Facta Vera functionality by all users. At Facta Vera, we offer a host of training services that meet the educational needs of virtually every organization.

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Solving the process puzzle Automate your critical payment activities and interact electronically with your bank, vendors and employees, while meeting comprehensive remittance advice requirements, payment standards and management controls, to help reduce administrative costs, improve productivity and cash management, in a secure environment.