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By: Expenseanywhere  09-12-2011
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  • is a web-based, easy to use, secure expense management solution designed for small and medium size companies. It is a ready-for-use solution that is delivered cost-effectively to help businesses instantly automate their expense management processes.

    is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, travel and expense management solution for large and global companies, and provides end-to-end automation of enterprise expense management processes from pre-travel approval to reimbursement for expenses including instant management and visibility of global spend in local and reporting currencies.

    is our robust travel and voucher management automation solution specifically designed to meet the stringent demands and reimbursement policies of Federal, State and Local Governments, and DOD/GSA contractors.

    automates the entire procure-to-pay process including the reconciliation of purchase card transactions. Integrated with your ERP systems and document management systems, the PcardSystem provides phenomenal reporting capabilities that help you monitor your P-card spend, enhance strategic sourcing and vendor contract compliance. The PcardSystem is suitable for businesses and government establishments of all sizes that seek to manage their procurement process and reconcile their purchase card charges easily and efficiently.

  • ExpenseAnywhere — Lite

    Our web-based Travel and Expense Management solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses!

    Robust yet simple-to-use, ExpenseAnywhere-Lite cost-effectively automates your entire expense management process.

    No more manual tasks required to reimburse business expenses!

    ExpenseAnywhere-Lite helps you implement a paperless system that empowers you to gain spend visibility for your T&E expenses, resulting in operational efficiencies and reduced processing costs by as much as 80%!

    Supervisors and finance managers can instantly review and approve submitted expense reports.

    Approved expenses can be exported to a file for import into your accounting system. No more double entries, errors, or booking delays!

  • ExpenseAnywhere — Enterprise

    End-to-End Integrated Travel and Expense Management Automation!
    Providing Transparency, Accountability, and Spend-Control Management!

    Travel and Entertainment is the second or the third largest controllable expense for most companies. At ExpenseAnywhere we help you control it easily and efficiently.

    ExpenseAnywhere–Enterprise® is your web–based highly secure and comprehensive end-to-end solution that automates every aspect of the travel and expense-management process, from travel booking, to pre-travel authorization, to reimbursement for expenses, consistent with your company specified policies and approval processes.

    ExpenseAnywhere is a highly configurable global system, for large and multinational companies, that enables easy and complete control of corporate expense–management operations, at all levels, no matter how complex the organizational structure or the policies. ExpenseAnywhere-Enterprise can easily, effectively and efficiently help you manage your global spend, track your VAT/Tax liabilities as well as provide VAT reclamations, and provide you instant ability to analyze your global spend.

    Integrated with corporate cards, the system automatically receives and processes the daily transactions data files from your card issuer and pre-populates the cardholder's expense report making the allocation and reconciliation of the card charges quick and easy.

    ExpenseAnywhere provides tremendous flexibility and empowers companies to setup their company specific policies through Policy Templates that are associated to user groups. Thus, a typical traveler template may have certain expense limits, while a manager or an executive's template may have higher spending limits. Once the templates are assigned, each and every expense entered by the user is validated against their specific pre-set policies. The system flags the exceptions necessitating user explanation.

    With the integrated travel booking software, ExpenseAnywhere provides complete control and reconciliation of your travel spend, consistent with your policies. As an integrated solution, the system automatically matches the travel itinerary data to the credit card data (Employee Corporate Card, Ghost Card, or Personal Card) to create an expense report for the user to submit, eliminating data entry and reconciliation of the card charges. Level–3 data from the credit card providers is automatically populated and validated against the expense receipts, taking the chore out of the expense entry to an easy, accurate and overwhelming experience. Reviewers like it even more because the data is already validated. All that they need to pay their attention to are the out–of–compliance expenses.

    Whether you use our Integrated Travel Booking and Expense Management solution or just the Expense Management solution to support your organizations automation needs, or if you prefer to use our solution in conjunction with your travel booking partner, ExpenseAnywhere is the solution that unleashes efficiency across the organization and delivers a phenomenal ROI, all the time.

  • ExpenseAnywhere — Gov

    Government Travel and Expense Management

    ExpenseAnywhere Gov is the ideal automated mechanism for managing Federal, State, and Local government travel expenses.

    Robust and simple-to-use, ExpenseAnywhere Gov enables you to cost-effectively automate your paper-based expense management processes.

    No more manual tasks required to reimburse business expenses! Plus, you get spend visibility and analytics for your T&E budgets, enabling you to reduce overall operational costs by as much as 80%!

    Our system will meet the demands of the most complex global organizations that require multi-level pre-travel approvals.

    Your organization receives instant reconciliation and validation of travel card charges, even those billed to your corporate travel agency! No more costly and lengthy manual processes involved.

    An intuitive interface is provided so government employees can easily create a pre-travel approval request showing intended expenses (based on GSA per diem rates) for single- or multiple-destination trips. Once travel has concluded, the PTA is then routed through to the appropriate approvers based on your previously determined reviewer workflow.

    Pre-travel approval requests can be created for single or group travel. An employee can even designate (on the PTA) any pre-paid expenses (conference fee, meals, as well as charges to a third-party vendor). An approved PTA can then be linked — and copied — to an employee's expense account. No re-entry of data! Travelers are reminded to claim additional expenses versus those shown on the PTA.

    ExpenseAnywhere users can allocate any pre-paid expenses, identify and add cash advances, and trace credit card purchases back to their submitted expense reports.

    Users of ExpenseAnywhere can upload scanned images of expense receipts or fax receipts to an ExpenseAnywhere fax server for instant and automatic linking to their expense reports. So, the reviewers can view the receipts online along with the reports. This feature alone provides phenomenal savings by eliminating manual handling, management and storage of paper receipts for audit purposes.

    ExpenseAnywhere acts as your watchdog, tracking exceptions to company policies and flagging non-preferred vendor use, duplicate expenses, and spending above pre-set limits, thereby helping manage compliance with your policies.

    The Finance groups with complex general ledgers can be rest assured that this system supports their complexity and can integrate either on–demand, or as batch upload, or in real–time with their state–wide ERP systems with warrant information uploaded for display of payment details to the travelers.

    ExpenseAnywhere provides the most comprehensive 360° reporting capability with drill–down to transaction level including export to Excel. Your executives and managers will appreciate the ability to track spending, check on a cost center activity, compare individual user activity, and drill down into the details when needed.

    ExpenseAnywhere conforms to all GSA/DOD travel rules, including support for:

    • Pre–loaded and maintained per diem reimbursement rates, all geographies
    • Both in–state and out–of–state travel policies
    • Lodging reimbursement when staying with friends and family
    • Extra meals and day–trip meals
    • Standard and alternate work schedules
    • Multi–level travel approval processes
    • Group travel
    • IRS reimbursement policies and procedures
  • PcardSystem

    Easy, Effective and Efficient Management of your Purchase Card Spend

    ExpenseAnywhere's web-based Procurement-card solution, "PcardSystem" helps reduce costs and streamlines processes for authorizing, tracking, purchasing and reconciling your business purchases.

    Eight percent of corporate purchases are low-dollar value purchases. It costs businesses upwards of $100 to issue a single paper-based purchase order. Therefore, it is economical to use corporate procurement cards for day-to-day business purchases. In today's world with easy access to global markets, corporate sourcing has crossed traditional geographic boundaries and the use of Purchasing Cards has been expanded in to direct spending and higher-end, more strategic purchases.

    The U.S. market alone for Purchasing Cards has grown exponentially in the past ten years with transaction volume expected to exceed $220bn in 2006 (Source: Packaged Facts, May 2000).

    While the use of Procurement-cards for business purchases makes absolute sense, today over 90% of businesses and government offices are using paper (bills from their Purchasing Card issuer to manually review, allocate and reconcile their Purchase Card transactions. Such processes are inherently costly and error-prone, lack in management oversight and policy compliance, and create opportunities for employee fraud and risk.

    Thus, many gains achieved using Purchasing Cards are thwarted by the lack of automation in the reconciliation process, which makes it even more difficult for businesses to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulation.

    ExpenseAnywhere's PcardSystem Solution is the only web-based, easy-to-use solution that automates the entire process of managing and reconciling the Procurement Card spend easily, effectively and efficiently while at the same time providing you with stringent controls to analyze data and comply with SOX.

    Cost-Efficient Solution for the Cost Conscious Buyer

    ExpenseAnywhere's PcardSystem solution helps you manage your corporate purchases through the entire life-cycle of order processing: from order entry to order approval to merchandise ordering, with eventual order verification and reconciliation and allocation of Purchase Card charges to appropriate expense accounts. With its built-in approval process the PcardSystem solution delivers a comprehensive, robust, secure, end-to-end solution that tracks cardholder purchases, from ordering to payment reconciliation consistent with corporate policies. The reconciled transactions can be exported to a file mapped for posting to your ERP system, thereby eliminating manual re-keying of the data.

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