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By: Eslight International  09-12-2011

  The largest electrical energy consumer in most commercial buildings is lighting, and consumes about 45% of the total energy costs.  
  Lighting Audit: ESLIGHT performs a lighting audit, at no cost to you, and shows you how much you will be saving when using our up-to-date solutions. Full Lighting Solutions: From start to finish, ESLIGHT prides ourselves on coming up with the best solutions possible. We can supply you with an electrician or work with your mechanics/electricians to insure a timely and seamless installation. Take Back Program: Working with the Recycling Council of Ontario and the Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers, ESLIGHT will not only recycle your lights once you are finished with them, but will also recycle any current lights you have installed when replacing them with ESLIGHT Induction Lights. Incentive Programs: ESLIGHT will work with you to save even more money through fantastic retrofit programs set up by BOMA and Natural Resources Canada. Financing Available : To assist in a quicker installation, ESLIGHT provides you with guaranteed financing which will allow you to start saving today  

ESLIGHT International is a market leader in light of tunnle,garage,exhibition hall,signage,lecture hall and factory devices.

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