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By: Erego  09-12-2011

In order to facilitate a wide and varied nature of solutions of eGovernment, which requires all possible features such as application integration, security, interoperability, multilingual, maintainability, etc., eRego provides a well defined, robust, standards-based, configurable enterprise-wide framework called eRego Platform. eRego solutions for government’s relationships with its citizens, employees, business and with other governments are built and developed using eRego Platform and leverage the vast amount of information and business logic from the core solutions on legacy systems or existing applications which is impaired by design limitations in a networked world.

eRego Solutions
The objective of eGovernment is to create good governance, offering the potential to develop national information network, reshape the public sector performance and make the relationship between citizens and government transparent. eGovernment provides greater access to government information, maximize public interaction with government officials which in turn reduces corruption. eGovernment improves efficiency and services.