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By: Epimatic  09-12-2011

We understand the needs of partners and have worked with many partners in southern Ontario to help them deliver to their clients. We have a strong development team with technical experience customizing within the base NAV product as well as outside of NAV, and are able to assist with the most technical demands of implementing a new client or developing an add on.

Key areas where we have helped in the past:

  • Performance Tuning of application logic
  • Re-implementations
  • Integration Projects
  • Complex NAV Customization

Some partners prefer to go it alone but for those partners who “work well with others” we are here to help.

Other products and services from Epimatic


NAV Integrations | Epimatic, experience powered

Navision is a highly customizable product, so we provide a customized solution that works with your requirements, budget, and existing technologies rather than forcing you to work within a set framework or technology. There is no silver bullet when it comes to integration projects and there are many variables to consider along the way. At Epimatic we have the integration experience to make your project a success.


Enhanced Dimensions | Epimatic, experience powered

Dimensions are maintained to match master table values, such as an EMPLOYEE dimension with values for each NAV Employee record, or an ITEM dimension to match each NAV Item record. The Epimatic Enhanced Dimensions add-on takes NAV dimensions to the next level with expanded functionality for control and analysis. This add-on should be in every NAV database where any combination of the following features is necessary.


NAV Implementation | Epimatic, experience powered

For companies who are considering switching too or installing a new Enterprise Resource Planning tool we can show you what NAV can do, provide you insight into the future direction of NAV as well as take you through the whole implementation life cycle from software selection through customization and finally go live and support.


Services | Epimatic, experience powered

We have a team of expert-level consultants who have experience in all aspects of implementing, supporting and extending the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product. We provide exceptional support to clients already running on NAV, as well as those engaged in new implementations. The key services that we typically provide customers are.


Products | Epimatic, experience powered

This is a light weight add on that does not require any additional tools or executables to analyze your business (all your business intelligence within NAV). The Epimatic Enhanced Dimensions add-on takes NAV dimensions to the next level with expanded functionality for control and analysis. The Navision Integration Framework provides a web service based engine to access business logic and data within NAV via XML Ports.