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By: Envirosan Products  02-12-2010

 SOLUTION 2000™ IS...
A colloidal agent: Holds oil & dirt in colloidal suspension with no re-deposition
An optimized colloidal agent: A result of government & industry research
A product of nanotechnology: Colloidal micelles function on a molecular level
A solvent replacement: Replaces mineral spirits and other hazardous solvents
A safe cleaner: Complies with OSHA 29 CFR-1910.1200
A safe degreaser: Doesn't contain the carcinogen Butyl Cellosolve, (2-butoxy Ethanol)
An environmental cleaner: Contains no phosphates.
An environmental degreaser: Contains no known pollutants
Non-toxic: As proven by independent toxicology tests
Not an endocrine disruptor: Contains no Alkylphenol Ethoxylates
Non-hazardous: Approved by governments.
No ingredients subject to TSCA
Enzyme-free: Naturally occurring bacteria use colloidal dispersion to biodegrade
A biodegradable degreaser: Will biodegrade 99% within 7 days
Not regulated by the EPA: Conforms to "The Clean Water Act"
Low in VOC's: Below limits, "SCAQMD 01/01/2006", by "EPA Test 24"
Food-safe: Approved by governments. US, Canada, New Zealand, etc.
Toxic Use Reduction Institute: SOLUTION 2000™, Safety Score: 49 out of 50  
Free rinsing: SOLUTION 2000™ biodegradable cleaner leaves no residue
Versatile: Works well in a vast number of applications at different dilutions 
Long lasting: Keeps working long after other products are saturated
Compatible: Used to enhance the performance of other cleaning products
Economical: With user documented savings of up to 60%
Ideal: For use in Ultrasonic, Parts & Pressure Washers, Floor Machines, or by hand
For use on: Any material safe when in contact with water.
Rust inhibited
Proven: Approvals by Amoco, BP, Chrysler, GE, GM, IBM, Magellan Aerospace

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