What do we do

By: Envirolaw  09-12-2011

Our Services Include:

  • All aspects of environmental law, such as:
    • commercial and real estate transactions,
    • environmental audits and site assessments,
    • rights and duties of creditors, parent companies, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy,
    • civil actions, prosecutions, appeals, administrative orders and approvals.
  • Areas of particular interest:
    • contaminated land,
    • approvals,
    • climate change/ emissions trading,
    • renewable energy,
    • groundwater protection,
    • new substances notification,
    • enforcement,
    • administrative penalties.
  • We assist clients to negotiate innovative, win-win agreements with government regulators and others.
  • We assist clients in their relations with consultants and experts of all types.
  • We lobby for legislative and regulatory change.

include Ministries of the Environment, municipalities, individuals, consultants, lawyers and small, medium and large businesses.

- Top quality legal advice with personal attention. Plus: ask about our wallet cards on Spills and What to Do When the Inspector Comes, and discounts on some seminars.

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Air Pollution: what’s really there

As a result, the MOE has now issued draft Notices of noncompliance with Regulation 419 to a series of industries across the province, most already struggling with high fuel costs and the high Canadian dollar. The MOE proposes to resolve the disputes by further monitoring, but what good is more monitoring if the ministry won’t accept the results.


Brownfields: better information, fewer errors

Given the time normally required to propose and adopt regulations, it would be difficult to correct these problems by July 1. The regulatory amendments might be posted to the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry next month. We are encouraging the ministry to get on with the changes as quickly as possible.