Endeca Latitude - The New BI Requirements

By: Endeca  09-12-2011
Keywords: Guided Navigation

Fast moving businesses require fast flowing, accurate information.  Speed.  Flexibility.  Simplicity.  These are the new requirements of BI and that’s exactly what Endeca Latitude® delivers:

  • Flexibility – Endeca Latitude can unify just about any information, including enterprise data, customer opinions or competitive information pulled from Websites, and industry data purchased from third parties.  You have the flexibility to evaluate all your data in a single application and to incorporate new data sources as necessary.
  • Simplicity  – You don’t need any training to take advantage of Endeca Latitude’s powerful analytic capabilities.  Latitude’s interactive visualizations and easy-to-use search interfaces, such as its patented Guided Navigation® experience, guide everyone to better decisions.

Keywords: Guided Navigation

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Endeca Latitude - IT Advantages

With its hybrid search-analytical database, Endeca Latitude brings together information, including structured data and unstructured content, from just about any source with ease and remarkable speed. Faced with unprecedented volatility and uncertainty, business users are demanding fast answers to new questions – ones that can’t be easily addressed with traditional reports, cubes, and dashboards.


Endeca Latitude - Greater Analytic Capabilities

Specialized Analytics – Analytic applications from Endeca Latitude are customized to your role, the decisions you make, and the information you want to consider. Endeca Latitude® adds new analytic power to any organization, giving you the information to decide and the confidence to act. Exploration and Discovery – Explore all relevant data in an impromptu manner – without the constraints of preset hierarchies.


Endeca Latitude - User Advantages

Breakthrough analytic power – With interactive visualizations and easy-to-use search interfaces, Latitude gives you the freedom to explore information in an unconstrained manner, discover relationships across distinct data sources, and answer new questions, such as “Why?. Endeca Latitude® fills the gaps – with interactive analytic applications that put you in control.


Endeca Latitude - Agile Business Intelligence

An enterprise agile BI platform, Latitude provides business users interactive analytic applications that deliver walk-up usability, unprecedented information clarity and breakthrough analytic power. In addition, Latitude gives IT a centralized platform to rapidly deploy applications, and the power to keep pace with changing business requirements while maintaining information governance.