Key Features

By: Emailtopia  09-12-2011

Here is a list of Response Manager's key features:

    • No other software required on desktop.
    • Very intuitive - no training or IT resources required for desktop set-up and is configurable in minutes.
  1. Intelligent Messaging Assignment

    • Uses 4 different allocation Schemes:
      • Round- Robin
      • Load-balancing based on CSR's availability
      • Manual - CSRs can pick and choose
      • Pre-defined Rules
    • Route messages by time,date, message content, customer address and correspondence history.
    • Build a Library of Standard Responses

      • Pre-defined standard responses allows a consistent, professional reply to common customer inquires that conform to corporate policies.
      • Increases productivity, the CSR can instantly reply or the Rules Engine can perform an auto-reply with-out user intervention.
      • Include variables in order to provide customizable responses automatically.
    • System Reports

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Response Manager Screenshots

With Response Manager Automatic Message Assignment messages can be distributed based on a round robin or load-balanced assignment scheme. Quickly look up the entire history of a message with the Response Manager Find Messages function. With Response Manager, agents can continue to useOutlook 2010, 2007 or 2003. Reduced training time, and no proprietary mail client software is required.


Email Management Solution Pricing

Ask about our Professional Edition License & Services Price Bundles and the quick-start pilot project program. The Deployment, Training and Support services needed to implement your solution. Non-Profit, Government, and Education price options available upon request. The solution pricing is based on these key factors. Three Price Tiers: Small, Medium or Enterprise.