Email Stopwatch

By: Email Stopwatch   18-08-2014
Keywords: Accounting Software, Workforce Management, Time tracking

Email Stopwatch is an automatic email time tracking tool for Outlook. Just install Email Stopwatch onto your computer then let it work completely in the background. You continue doing emails the way you always do and Email Stopwatch will passively track that time. At the end of each day you then get a simple report with the details. Email Stopwatch is a great tool for anyone who bills by the hour, like accountants, lawyers, or consultants. It’ll help you bill for more hours and completely remove the hassle of searching your inbox every night trying to figure out how much time you spent on each email throughout the day. With Email Stopwatch you can also view custom reports for specific date ranges or clients. This way you can bill for email at the end of an engagement or project instead of adding the time to your timesheet daily. As an account admin, you can even view the reports of your other team members. See who is using their time productively and who wastes too much time on email throughout the day.

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