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By: Electronicsignature  09-12-2011
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Monday December 05, 2011

Paperless workflow and submission of documents in electronic form is a universal need. Industries served include Employee Benefits, Financial Services, Insurance, Legal Services, Government, to name a few.

GreenWedge Systems offers the following online electronic signing services:

Signing service hosting

  • GreenWedge hosts your online documents and forms signing process on our servers
  • Users are forwarded to our dedicated URL for signing and redirected back to your site when done
  • The signing process is seamlessly integrated in your company's corporate website observing your company website corporate style, feel and look

Signing service integration

  • GreenWedge sets up signing service on your platform
  • Signing service is hosted on your corporate servers
  • Users are redirected to your internal service for signing and redirected back to your website when done
  • The signing process is hosed within your company's infrastructure and is an integral part of your environment

It is our standard practice that we provide our prospective clients with quick free of charge estimate mapping out the optimum online signing process for your particular business.

Keywords: Electronic Signing, Signing Service