E-ATV’s « ElectroWheels

By: Electro Wheels  09-12-2011

E-ATV’s « ElectroWheels

Length: 104 cm (41 in)

Width: 74 cm (29 in)

Height: 63.5 cm (25 in)

Weight: 72 kg (160lbs)

Motor Power: 2 – 1000W geared

Battery: 48V, 50Ah *optional 100Ah set

Battery Life: 300+ cycles

Charger: 2 – 110V, 60Hz UL chargers

Charge Time: 2 – 6 hours

Body: Polypropylene

Distance: Up to 88 km (40 miles)

Rated Speed: Up to 32 km (20 MPH)

Hill Climbing: Up to 30% grade

Wheels: Air Tires

Max capacity: 114 kg (250 Lbs)

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E-Chairs « ElectroWheels

102 cm with footboard up; 97 – 107 cm with footboard down. Seat Height: 51 cm of power elevation. Motor Power: 300W high-torque motor. Max capacity: 182 kg (400 Lbs. Weight: 82 kg with Batteries. 61 cm – excluding joystick.


Clearance « ElectroWheels

Our core business is to manufacture affordable, quality PEV’s (personal electric vehicles) for personal and commercial use. Whether we design for the public, government, or off-road, our vehicles are made with you in mind.


E-Bikes « ElectroWheels

Parking Brake, Split Throttle, Locking Steering, Front Wheel Locking Pins, Dual Horn. EABS (Electronic Braking System) Great to replenish the power back to the battery. FEATURES: Pedal Assist Gives you the power when you need it. Headlight, Tail Light, Turn Signals. E-ABS Rear Cushioned Drum Brakes.


Golf – Sport « ElectroWheels

Fully Automatic Efficiency Pulse charger. Net Weight: 125 kg (without Battery. Steering: “Rack & Pinion” Steering.