By: Ektron  09-12-2011

At Ektron, successful web projects are the result of proper project planning and a complete understanding of the project requirements by both the development team and the project stakeholders. The right design decisions as well as open lines of communication and collaboration between everyone involved is critical for the project to be a complete success. Our overall service methodology is made up from three main items. First is the project methodology that we use to ensure a proper project execution. Second is our RAMP (Risk mitigation, Adoptability, Maintainability, Performance)) philosophy, the success criteria that each design approach is measured against. Third is our communication methodology, to ensure both proper communication and accountability on the services that are being provided. The success-oriented methodology is only part of the story. At each step, members of the project have very specific roles to play. From project managers to information architects to Best Practice engineers, the roles they play are critical to the successful launch of every Web project.

Other products and services from Ektron


Ektron CMS400.Net Product Training

Ektron training locations include both on-site and classroom settings provided at Ektron's training centers in Nashua, NH; San Francisco, CA; Toronto, Canada; London, England and Sydney, Australia. Ektron provides several unique training offerings to ensure you receive exactly the right level of training at the right stage of your web project lifecycle.


Ektron CMS Services Partnerships

When customers have specialized project needs that may lie outside of our core competencies, Ektron can provide an introduction to a select group of qualified and accredited partners with the experience and expertise needed to assure the success of every web project.