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Video Conferencing (VC)
or Instant Messaging (IM)

  • TWO-WAY live video, audio, text, file transfer
  • Instant Popup Messages
  • Buddy List
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Track options
  • Starting at $124.99

  • Surveillance and
    Digital Video Recording

  • CAPTURE VIDEO to hard drive
  • MOTION-triggered or REGULARLY
  • Starting at $99.99

  • We provide the widest range of webcam pan/tilt solutions on the Internet. The following are some of the ways in which our customers use their TrackerCam® to help with their business or at home:

      Learn more about these solutions below!

      You don't need an expensive security solution to monitor an area while you are away. If you have a computer and internet service, then just add a TrackerPod® to your webcam to keep an eye on your home or office:

      • See camera images and move the camera from anywhere on the Internet using just a web browser
      • Cover an entire room (100� per second , 160� pan, 110� tilt, 300% digital zoom )
      • Place your TrackerPod® and camera up to 150 feet away from a networked computer
      • Save up to 165 named pan/tilt viewpoints to turn to instantly
      • Set a password for security
      • Install TrackerCam® Software (free) on the remote computer and listen to what's going on as well
      Are you often away from home and wonder how your pets are doing? Use your TrackerPod® to watch over your pets while you are at work or while you are away. Check if they've torn the place apart :), or put a TrackerPod® near their food dish, and you will know when you need to call your house-sitter to drop by your house to give them food .. Surveillance with expensive CCTV surveillance systems is a thing of the past. With digital surveillance, you don't need to rewind tapes, you don't need to worry about running out of tape, and with our software you have a large selection of high-tech features:
      • Save and index digital surveillance pictures on your own computer (1 month on a 10G disk saving one image per second)
      • No tapes, all on your hard drive, automatically erase oldest pictures to limit disk space used
      • Instantly access surveillance pictures by date and time index locally or over the Internet
      • View surveillance pictures like a time lapse movie at the speed of your choice
      • Program a repeating sequence of up to 165 pan/tilt viewpoints for surveillance sweeps
      • Enable motion detection to record only when there is motion
      • Enable motion detection to track whatever moved while recording

      With a webcam and a TrackerPod®, you can enjoy videoconferencing right from your PC. Not only that, get up and walk around while TrackerCam® Software keeps you in the picture! Here features of videoconferencing with a TrackerCam® system:

      • Video conference and save on long distance
      • Use TrackerCam® Software to make free Internet calls (voice, text, and video) with Buddies who also have TrackerCam®
      • Use TrackerCam® Software with existing video conferencing applications (NetMeeting, iVista, iVisit, Media Encoder, Instant Messengers, 321Cam, etc.)
      • Get notified when Buddies go on or offline and as soon as friends leave you messages
      • TrackerPod® can track you to keep you in the picture as you move around while online
      Do you have a store, studio, bar, or restaurant that you want to promote? Enable potential clients to visit you on-line and look around your establishment.

      You can also list your TrackreCam on the (an option provided by TrackerCam® Software) to increase traffic to your website.

      Do you have a TrackerPod® application that you would like to see listed here?

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    Keywords: Camera, Surveillance

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