Env. Management Information Systems (e3EMIS

By: e3 Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Information Systems, Management Information Systems

Env. Management Information Systems (e3EMIS)

Empower your staff to effectively manage environmental, health and safety programs with e3EMIS, Enterprise Edition. This powerful, market-proven application suite provides the tools they need to predict, plan for, monitor and report on your organization’s EH&S performance metrics. Designed with scalability in mind, e3EMIS can be readily deployed at a single facility or across multiple sites. Highly configurable and easy to use, the interface was designed to accommodate field staff and corporate managers alike. Save time, reduce costs, limit liability, and improve decision-making capabilities across the enterprise--all with one comprehensive solution.EMIS Modules
EMIS is comprised of six modules. Any number of these modules can be implemented as standalone applications or integrated for a complete solution.Air:
EMIS’s Air module provides comprehensive emission inventory tracking and reporting, including emission factor calculations, engineering calculations, total mass balance calculations, data monitoring, and the determination of rolling averages, trends and summary statistics. All data is tracked on an individual emission unit basis, and can be rolled up to the unit, department, facility or enterprise level. The Air Module scales to handle simple pollution tracking needs to comprehensive Title V and emission inventory reporting across the enterprise.Waste:
The EMIS Waste Management module tracks waste generation, storage and disposal activities. Key features include waste storage time tracking, waste shipment manifesting, and automatic preparation of quarterly, annual and biennial waste reports for regulatory agencies. Users are automatically notified when waste storage activities or manifest procedures approach compliance deadlines or thresholds.Hazardous Material:
In addition to providing chemical and material library support for the e3EMIS application, this module handles spill tracking and reporting, hazardous material inventory reporting (SARA 311/312), Toxic Release Inventory reporting (SARA 313) and equivalent NPRI reporting. Other key features include spill management/reporting and support for special handling categories, such as ozone depleting materials, PCBs and asbestos management.Water:
e3EMIS provides full support for water/wastewater sampling and protection programs. Improve and simplify processes such as tracking discharge points, sampling points and monitoring parameters; water sampling/management cost tracking; and preparation of discharge monitoring and compliance reports. The module also automates a variety of tasks--e.g., the comparison of sample results to permit discharge limits and flagging, as well as notification for results that exceed applicable limits--for better program efficiency and staff responsiveness.Compliance:
Track permit/regulatory requirements and associated task assignments with confidence. The e3 EMIS compliance module provides automated tickers and email notification capabilities, logs when tasks have been completed, and sends alerts when tasks are pending or overdue. Requirements can be linked to corporate assets (e.g., equipment) and/or corporate entities (e.g., facilities). Compliance status management reports generated within the application can be rolled up to any level within the organization.Health & Safety:
The Health & Safety module provides for the tracking of a host of health & safety training metrics as well as the tracking of injury & illness related incidents. Complete with built in calendar functionality and automated email escalation features the Health & Safety module is easily integrated with the rest of the e3EMIS application to provide seamless tracking & reporting of all risks associated with health & safety across the enterprise.Module Features
  • Tracking for permit/regulatory requirements and associated task assignments
  • Air emissions management supporting a range of air emissions management needs, from simple emission factor calculations to complicated Title V permit requirements

Title V permit requirements

  • Cradle-to-grave waste tracking capabilities
  • Material profiling and hazardous material tracking
  • Full support for water/wastewater sampling and protection programs
  • Universal unit conversion for recording data in any units of measure, including mixed units within the same column/field
  • Powerful data validation rules, including mathematical and/or multi-field comparisons, that can be applied throughout the system
  • Historical data logging, including date and time stamping of all data entry and modification events
  • Form Wizard for creating checklists and information collection forms for auditing or data entry purposes
  • Report Wizard for creating customized reports, complete with summarization and multiple export options
  • Ability to create any number of permission groups and assign data editing privileges down to the individual field or column level

Module Benefits
  • Saves time with an easy-to-use browser-accessible interface, customizable user preferences, and a personalized My Desktop starting view that helps users find what they need fast
  • Eliminates duplicate/inaccurate data entry and inefficient use of human resources
  • Provides timely warnings prior to exceeding a permit limit or the occurrence of a non-compliance event
  • Provides auto-notification of pending and overdue task assignments and compliance deadlines
  • Empowers ad-hoc analysis and decision making capabilities by providing the end user with wizard-driven tools for data presentation
  • Supports a wide range of user-definable reporting options, and automates the creation of internal and regulatory compliance reports
  • A broad-range of configuration and deployment options designed to grow with your needs, ranging from externally hosted (Internet/ASP) solutions to internally hosted (Intranet) configurations hosted on single, multi-processor or clustered servers
  • Simple to configure and administer, enabling the creation of new user accounts, user-definable online forms, ad-hoc reports, and permission profiles
  • Robust internet/intranet security, including SSL data encryption and flexible permission assignments that offer precision down to the individual field or data column level, as well as user-definable corporate hierarchy permission assignments

Keywords: Information Systems, Management Information Systems

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