Enterprise Risk Management Platform

By: e3 Solutions  09-12-2011
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Enterprise Risk Management Platform

Each e3 software solution is equipped with the following core capabilities: Query by Form
Locate records within the application by searching for specific text, numerical values or dates. Perform complex searches simply by connecting multiple search criteria together.Report by Form
Print the record or group of records that you’re viewing. A preview of the report is displayed to confirm before printing. You can then save and print the report as PDF, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text, Plain Text or HTML.

File Attachment

Connect and store important documents together by associating any number of digital files to a record within the application. Use the Query by Form functionality to locate the file, searching by relevant information. Then simply select pertinent files from the search results. Various types of files can be attached to a record this way, including pictures, spreadsheets and text documents.
Does your organization have standard forms that employees submit for record keeping? With PDF Form Submission, employees can complete this process easily through your e3 application. First create an electronic version of the form from a scanned paper copy, from a Microsoft Word document, or from any other digital source that can be saved as an Adobe PDF file. Once the PDF file has been created, it can be sent through the e3 application via email to individuals or groups. Employees open and complete the form on their desktop using Adobe Reader, and email it back to the application. Form submission can be done securely (i.e., user name and password required) or anonymously. Employees don’t need knowledge of the e3 application to access this feature, making it ideal for form distribution across the enterprise.Automated Data Interfaces
Eliminate the need to manually enter data into the application, saving precious time and resources. Records in your e3 application can originate from your organization’s existing applications or systems, such as pollution monitoring devices. All data, wherever it originates, is accessible within the application for viewing, reporting and other tasks.

Data Import Wizard

Your organization might have historical data, or receive data from another organization, that are stored in Excel spreadsheets. The Data Import Wizard eliminates the need to manually enter this information into your e3 application. Various file formats are supported, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Comma Separated Values, and no code modification is required.User Defined Reports
Create reports based on data available within your e3 application without the need to modify the system. Guided through the process by the Report Wizard, any user can easily specify record filtering criteria, sort and group records as needed, and instigate calculations based on selected numerical values.User-Defined Forms
An easy step-by-step wizard guides the user though the creation of customized forms. These forms can store text, numerical and date values. Textboxes, checkboxes, and drop-down list boxes can be used to enter and present data on the form. The time usually required to create a form is significantly reduced, and the costs of customization eliminated.Corporate Hierarchy Tool
With the Corporate Hierarchy Tool, site records and corporate groups can be grouped together at various logical levels. For example, a company may have sites named Toronto and Ottawa grouped together under a corporate group named Ontario. Another corporate group named Canada may include the Ontario group and another corporate group named Quebec. Once such groups have been defined, your e3 application can filter and report on data based on a specific site or corporate group. Multiple sites and corporate groups can be selected in any combination.Navigation Tool
The Navigation Tree is designed to provide quick and easy access to forms within the application. Changes to the Navigation Tree, or to form names, are easily made using the Navigation Tool. This approach allows the application to be tailored to your company’s terminology without incurring the cost usually associated with customization.Task Management
An integrated task management system within the application relates specific tasks to a compliance or incident record. Tasks can be tracked to determine compliance status, with a range of escalating notification options supported. Reoccurring tasks are handled through a flexible range of calendar options. User-defined documents can also be associated with a task definition and notification sent to assignees via email.
Essential tools for incident and information management, Email Notifications and Alerts are integrated into many aspects of the e3 application suite. Use Email Notifications and Alerts to tell employees when an incident has occurred, when a task has been assigned to them, or when an incomplete task is past its due date. Users don’t need to be logged into the application to receive these messages. Email notification can also be used to notify form administrators that an anonymous form submission has been made, that form data has been modified, or that submitted data meets a requirement flagged for notification.

User/Group Form Security

e3 supports form-level security, allowing administrators to define which users may view, add, edit and delete records on a particular form. Save time with bulk permissions; simply assign various users to a security group and then assign that group the appropriate form permissions. Users can be assigned to multiple groups, where the cumulative permissions are the least restrictive.

User/Group Site Security and Workgroups

e3 provides site or facility level data security, allowing administrators to define who is allowed to access and modify records in the system. For example, a user could be given permission to view, add, edit and delete records related to one geographical site, but not another. Such security partitioning increases system security and decreases user errors.

Keywords: Software Solution

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The module also automates a variety of tasks--e.g., the comparison of sample results to permit discharge limits and flagging, as well as notification for results that exceed applicable limits--for better program efficiency and staff responsiveness.Compliance:Track permit/regulatory requirements and associated task assignments with confidence.