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Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare from e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc.

By: e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc.  12-01-2011
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Since the introduction of the Medical Care Act by the Federal government of the time, led by Lester B. Pearson, universal healthcare has been a defining feature for Canada domestically as well as on the world stage.

In recent years, the

sustainability of Canada’s healthcare system has come into question. Costs as well as demand continue to dramatically rise, driven by an aging population and emerging high-risk trends such as increases in obescity and Type I and Type II diabetes. In the face of these challenges, health care providers are under increasing pressure to reduce wait times for vital services, and simultaneously reduce internal and external costs, while maintaining and improving patient safety and care. Private sector manufacturing and service organizations are becoming more vocal in their need rationalize high-cost medical benefit coverage, and governments attempting to balance budgets through downloading of services and reduced program funding are all factors driving the medical community to search for higher levels of efficiency – in addition to the advances they have already made over the last two decades!

Healthcare institutions have already invested heavily in

automation and information systems that typically have not lived up to expectations – an experience shared by other organizations outside of healthcare, such as the manufacturing sector and their experience with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). The primary failing of the automation & technology approach to process improvement was lack of sufficient understanding of the processes and deliverables coming from them. Rather than improving processes, many of the solutions merely automated inadequacies and inefficiencies… a band-aid approach that treated the symptoms and not the causes.


Lean Six Sigma focuses first on the processes, tasks and activities that at the heart of world-class healthcare service and patient care. Lean Six Sigma enables processes that deliver consistently high levels of quality and value, while banishing waste and non value-added activities. The result is lower costs and more desirable outcomes for patients and caregivers alike. Lean Six Sigma is defined by key concepts and principles as well as tools and methods that deliver results. Ironically, this can be done at a fraction of the investment historically made in technology solutions. This investment in Lean Six Sigma is e-Zsigma’s the “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare".


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare Certificate will enable you and your team to leverage the power of this proven problem-solving, process improvement methodology to rapidly and effectively achieve your organizational goals. Some of the results you will include:

Focus on doing value-added activities which have a high impact on patient care and satisfaction

Reduced frustration and inefficiency by eliminating non value-added activities and waste

Improved ability to respond quickly and effectively to patient needs

Reduced number of medical errors and their consequence

Improved accuracy and timeliness of services

Increased patient and staff safety

Increased capacity and improved throughput of patients

Increased patient and employee satisfaction

Reduced Healthcare costs

Better use of staff, equipment, facilities, scarce resources and funding

Promotes employees at all levels working cooperatively in a team-based approach

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