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By: Dymocom Enterprise  09-12-2011

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Dymocom Enterprise Inc. is proud to introduce the Dynamic Water Controller - a newly patented, innovative product that brings water management into the 21st century. It provides operators with control over every aspect of water usage - reducing water and energy wastage and eliminating hot-water related injuries.

The Dynamic Water Controller gives the user simple, precise and flexible control of all water use in any facility where it is installed.

The Dynamic Water Controller is a programmable, network-controlled system that gives the user simple, precise and flexible control of all water use in any facility where it is installed; specifically, water usage, pressure and temperature management facilities. Driven by innovative software, it includes a central control unit with graphic display - as well as integrated electronic controls on every appliance in the water-use network. It uses a common piece of equipment (i.e., a control station, to control and monitor a complete network of water appliances). The system uses Ethernet structural framework or Wireless Networking Protocols to enable remote access for 2-way monitoring and control.

The patented DWC product offers ease of installation, a broad range of programmable features, and the ability to revolutionize water temperature control, metering and conservation worldwide. 

 A single server controls and monitors all water appliances on the entire IP
based water network, providing streamlined control and easy modifications.

 Real-Time control software allows for control of water consumption and

   energy use, with more efficient use of hot and cold water on demand.

 Measurement settings that allow operators to preset water volume, water

   flow rate, monitor different water values (leaks, temperature, security) with

   run-time/ priority service for all water appliances - ensuring safe and secure

   water efficiency.

 Calibrate the hot water supply temperature at each water appliance to ensure

    the same continual safe temperature at all times (due to its real time

   thermostatic feed back sensor control).

 Allow many users to use the water appliance according to their own personal

   settings. Piping networks will have digital active sensing at each water

   appliance - an additional benefit to service personnel and remote

   monitoring performance/ automatic billing

 The DWC converge IP-based network technology with traditional plumbing

    hardware; thus, enabling powerful cutting-edge technology for commercial,

    residential, industrial and institutional applications.

There is a growing demand for conservation and water-used management from many sectors. The opportunity includes manufacturers, personal-care facilities, condominium realtors, municipalities – anywhere water and energy-use systems is desirable to conserve water and energy and to prevent personal injury.

One highly effective way to meet the demand is by developing programmable plumbing control systems. There is a huge potential market for programmable, electronic high-speed water use systems that control valves and sensors. These will replace the relatively crude mechanical plumbing technology of the last century. This is the niche for which the Dynamic Water Controller was designed.

The Dynamic Water Controller system offers ease of installation and a broad range of programmable features unrivalled in the plumbing industry. This unique position will facilitate its integration into the world of dynamically evolving network technologies that deliver new ways to benefit from real time information. With the right development and marketing, the Dynamic Water Controller system can capture a significant market share.

DyMOCOM Enterprise Inc. has developed the Dynamic Water Controller in what is the first of a range of electronic network control devices. We are confident that our in-house research and development skills, as well as the marketability of this initial product, will enable us to build a strong and profitable company with a growing product line.

Companies and individuals interested in this business opportunity are invited to contact DyMOCOM Enterprises Inc.

“DyMOCOM installed and tested the new dynamic water controller system on one of our nursing units at the Hoyles-Escasoni Complex for a period of about six months. The system has proven itself as an extra safety device to prevent scalds and to generally improve the bathing experience and comfort of our residents. The data collection capability of the system would also allow for the analysis of energy usage patterns, which could identify energy saving measures.”

Lorne Brown, CET - Director of Facilities Management

St. Johns Nursing Home Board

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