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By: Dyanet  09-12-2011

Portals are Web platforms that aggregate content and applications into a common display format and access control.  A useful portal will have at least the following features and dependencies:

If your portal displays content, you should be able to create content, edit it, approve it and publish it.  You can connect your portal to an existing Content Management System (CMS), or use one that is built into a portal platform.  We can integrate your portal to any commercial CMS, and if you need a CMS, we specialize in JCR-based content repositories that work with the respective portal platforms.

Access control does not only mean access control for your users, but the management and security of Web Services and other external and internal data sources that get fed into client-side mashups.  Web 2.0 demands that security should be thorough and built-in, but completely transparent to a properly authorized end-user.  We have expertise in LDAP, single sign-on solutions such as IBM ITAM, OpenID, CAS and SAML2-based federated architectures (such as Shibboleth).

So, what are mashups? Mostly client-side (browser-based), they build on existing portal and other sources to provide power users with building blocks that can be used to assemble custom composite applications.  The technologies are fairly new, but the potential is enormous: Gartner predicts that mashups will be the dominant portal user interface by 2010.

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