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By: Dy&partners  09-12-2011

Inter-Generational Estate Strategic Planning

It is considered to be a process that supports customers' economic activity by providing all finance information they need. It is divided into the following three parts:

  • 1. Wealth Accumulation & Wealth Creation

    • Business Development, New Venture, Partnership
    • Real Estate Investments, Funds, Limited Partnership
    • Risk Management though Insurance
  • 2. Wealth Conservation & Tax Planning

    • Incorporating Active and Holding company
    • Setting up Trusts Partnership
    • Estate Freeze
    • RRSP & RESP
    • Retirement Compensation Arrangement(RCA)
    • Corporate Owned Universal Life
    • Investment Loan Strategy
    • Setting up Trusts (ie. Family, Spousal, Henson)
  • 3. Wealth Distribution and Wealth Transfer

    • Wills and Powers of Attorney
    • Retirement Funding
    • Corporate Estate Transfer Strategy
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Insured Retirement Strategy
    • Legacy Bond
    • Family Wealth Transfer
    • Planned Giving

Developmental Business

  • Joint Venture
  • Merging and Acquisition

Business Service

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plan
  • Incorporation
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Share Structure

Real Estate Development

  • Residential Apartment
  • Renovation
  • Property Management

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