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Often, brakes have wear indicators that produce noise when it’s time to change the pads. Or your brakes may “feel” different when you press on them, such as grabbing or pulling to one side, feeling “spongy” or “grinding”  . If you think there may be a problem with your vehicle’s brakes, have them inspected by us.

We takes no chances with the braking system on your vehicle. We inspect the front and rear braking systems, along with the parking brake system.


If the ABS Warning Light is on, is it still safe to drive?

An ABS warning light means the ABS system has been deactivated because of a self-diagnosed fault. Normal braking should remain. The vehicle should be safe to drive provided the driver does not have to call on his ABS system when panic braking on a wet or slick surface.

An anti-lock warning lamp that comes on when the car starts moving, or anti-lock braking operation or valve cycling that occurs during normal stops on dry pavement often indicates a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors.
When both warning lamps are on and power assist is present, it may indicate a low brake fluid level or loss of hydraulic pressure in one of the brake circuits.
Our brake inspection starts with a road test (if possible)  to give our technician a feel of your brake system, followed by comprehensive testing of the hydraulic, power assist & parking brake systems. The stop-lights are checked, as are the warning indicators and the condition of the brake fluid. Once on the hoist, all steel lines are inspected for leaks or excessive rust, flex-hoses are checked for cracks, leaks or internal damage, parking brake cables are checked for their condition and operation,  and the wheels are spun to ensure free-wheeling before being removed to inspect linings, rotors and calipers. If need be, rotor and drum measurements can be taken and compared to specifications. If equipped with ABS, we may suggest additional testing if system malfunctions are apparent. Once our inspection is complete, we will give you an estimate of the necessary repairs to do a proper and safe repair.

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Battery/Charging System

If your vehicle is a few years old, have the battery and charging system tested to be sure that your battery has the power to start your vehicle and that your alternator is recharging the battery as it should. We currently stock a variety of AC Delco Batteries should you need one. Extreme heat and cold are hard on automotive batteries.


Air Filters/Cabin Filters

A dirty air filter prevents the engine from breathing properly, which can decrease fuel mileage and performance and make the engine work harder than it needs to. Cabin air filters help keep pollens, fumes, smoke, and other materials from reaching the inside of a vehicle. A dirty cabin air filter reduces the airflow through the vehicle’s ventilation system. If your vehicle is equipped with a cabin air filter.



Tires should be rotated every 10-15,000 KM or at least once a year, to keep the wear patterns even between the front and rear tires. Other fluids such as power steering, brakes, differentials & transmissions, we recommend service at 50,000 KM or 2 year intervals. Every vehicle that enters our shop and is lifted on the hoist is given a quick visual inspection for potential problems.