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By: Dundas Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Digital Dashboard, Presentation Layer, Digital Dashboards,

Building a digital dashboard system requires detailed understanding of the presentation layer and its underlying architecture. Get a headstart with Dundas. 

  • relies heavily on operational and key performance data
  • needs a number of dashboards in place to aid a variety of business roles
  • has unique business logic and security needs that tie directly into the presentation layer
  • requires a robust solution into which multiple information assets can be attached
  • has dispersed personnel and business assets.

A number of discerning organizations have harnessed our enterprise development capabilities to deliver robust, multi-tiered dashboard systems. Such initiatives are realized from the ground up to meet the unique needs of each client organization and its subsequent users' roles. With such engagements Dundas will:

  • provide assistance in the selection of a delivery platform
  • design, develop and deliver a complete system on which to serve digital dashboards and scorecards
  • architect each tier of the solution to maximize extensibility and scalability
  • provide intuitive user interfaces to facilitate dashboard adoption within your organization
  • tailor the finished product to be consistent with your branding and styling
  • conduct knowledge transfer from our team to yours.

Information-intensive work environments stand to gain a tremendous advantage if employees are acting on up-to-date, contextualized information at all times. A comprehensive dashboard system is the ideal means of ensuring such currency. Well-implemented dashboard systems will:

  • promote operational flexibility, allowing for the quick realignment of IT assets to reflect organizational goals
  • bring added agility to your organization by delivering timely information to users in decision-making roles
  • be extensible enough to accommodate the evolving needs of your business.

Keywords: Dashboard Systems, Digital Dashboard, Digital Dashboards, Presentation Layer,

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