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By: Dreaming Willow Natural Therapies  28-02-2012
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Western Herbal Medicine - Gentle, safe, and effective natural healing for acute and chronic health concerns. Herbalism is a system of healing in which medicinal plants and natural protocols are used to prevent or treat acute and chronic diseases, and to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. The body strives to maintain a constant state of homeostasis, or balance. If there is nothing preventing it from doing its job well, it will remain in a high level of vitality and can heal itself from most illnesses. But, if the body’s natural healing forces become so overwhelmed that they cannot maintain homeostasis, disease will occur. Stress, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, poor physical fitness, and emotional issues such as fear, grief, and anger are some of the common factors that inhibit the body’s innate healing capacity. Medicinal plants can be used to trigger, support, and accelerate the body’s innate healing mechanisms so that it may heal from acute or chronic illnesses and regain homeostasis. Similar symptoms may have many different causes and each person is unique, so the root cause of a person’s imbalance must be discover. Therefore, I practice a holistic philosophy of healing in which the entirety of the person - their body, mind and spirit, their life experiences, and their uniqueness - is taken into consideration in planning a treatment protocol. Appropriate botanical formulas are carefully crafted to meet each individual’s needs.

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