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By: Done By Dale  09-12-2011
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'Search Engine Friendly' Web Sites:

PLEASE NOTE: These are 'ball park' figures and based on 'average' pricing.

Starter Blog WEB Site:

FULL Content Management WEB SITE Package :

COMPLETE Custom Web Site:


Depending on size of site, service being offered or number of products for sale.

Web Site Redesign:

To redesign a site often requires the same amount of time and effort given to a 'new' web site. So, for your budget purposes, consider the pricing strategy similar to a new site and you won't be disappointed. In fact, it may be less!


We are not a web hosting service. Fees cited above do not include on-going web hosting fees. We will refer you, however, to a business-friendly economic web hosting service. Expect to pay approximately $120.00 Cdn/year.Registration:'www.yourname.com' or '.ca' - as low as $12.95 Cdn./year (plus taxes).

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Keywords: search engine, web hosting service, web site