By: Dolf Madi  09-12-2011
Keywords: joint venture

  • Identification of credible, local joint venture partners, as well as confidential assessment and assistance with miscellaneous start-up services.

  • Facilitation of joint venture arrangements to ensure smooth, sustainable and mutually satisfactory business relationships with credible African counterparts.

  • Provision of immigration consulting and passages facilitation services, local community relations and cross-cultural briefing deliverables, as well as local security that is nationally networked.

  • Assurance of miscellaneous, needs-based requirements to minimize enterprise risk and thus enhance the success rate of participating partners.

  • Comprehensive trade and investment consulting services, including bureaucratic bargaining on behalf of the foreign partner.

  • Bridging the mutual culture shock gap and providing assistance with managing joint venture assignments.

  • Facilitating skills, training and technology transfer, as well as enhancing social and business etiquette awareness, in order to make each side “Internationable.”

  • Keywords: joint venture